Monday, December 17, 2012

30k for my 30th birthday!

i have issues. i love to run races.

earlier this week when i realized i technically had saturday morning free [brad's parents were going to be here, but brad was working saturday morning and i figured i'd be done by the time they got up] i immediately started googling for local races.

i found just what i was looking for... one of our local running stores [foot rx] was having a blackjack 5k. have you all ever done one of these? it was my first, but it definitely won't be my last! here's how it worked:::

  • race day registration only (yay, since i waited so late to sign up i was really thankful that i didn't get charged an arm and a leg!)
  • $10 to sign up (double yay) which goes into a pot
  • when you sign up you get to draw your first card
  • you get a second card at the halfway point
  • when you cross the finish line you can hit and take one more card if you like. 
  • the pot is divided between however many people get 21, or if no one gets it whoever has the highest total without going over.
there were 20 of us running and it was a great time. my first card was a 10 so i was hoping for an ace at the halfway point. i drew a king. when i crossed the finish line (30:07) no one had hit 21 so i stayed. one of the last few people hit 21 so i hit and got another face card. oh well. 

it was a great time and a great way to get my total mileage for the day up to 12 miles (i did 7 on the treadmill before the race, then another 2 outside after the race). 

another good thing that came from me doing the race::::
i had been looking for races that line up with my marathon training plan [aka 'if i'm going to do long runs id rather do some of those miles with the encouragement that the racing environment brings'] and i found the Frosty Foot 30k [also put on by Foot Rx]. unfortunately the 30k was already sold out when i found it. but aaron [owner of Foot Rx] mentioned on saturday that if anyone still wanted in to let him know. i spoke to him after the race and i'm in!!! 

i'm supposed to run 16 that day, so a little more than what i'm scheduled to run. that should be okay, right? my larger concern is that it's a trail race and the elevation profile isn't posted... how do i end up in these situations? funny thing is, i couldn't be more excited!


  1. A Blackjack 5k, that sounds super fun!

    A 30k is an awesome race! I'm very excited for you!
    You do have the racing bug!

  2. That sounds like fun! Good luck :)

  3. That race sounds so fun! What a great idea:) Glad you got to get in for the 30k, you are going to rock it!

  4. The blackjack race sounded like lots of fun!!! And the 30 sounds amazing too can't wait to hear about it! I'd love to do a trail race someday.

  5. This Blackjack 5K sounds like a fun race. I'm always excited when there's a chance to win money without being fast. The 30K will be a good one and hopefully it won't be too hilly.

  6. Blackjack 5k sounds like a fun race! I have to admit I have a bit of a races problem too, but it could be worse right!

  7. That sounds soooooo much fun!!!!!! I can't believe you got 20 :) that's really good. too bad that guy got 21.

    and YAY for 30k for your 30th! I just turned 30, as you know and Colin and I will be running 30k too :) YAY

  8. super fun! we used to do those with a group in KC and i loved just mixing it up and giving you something to focus on besides how hard you are running