Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Brad and I both worked the day before and the day after, so Christmas was a lazy day at home for us. Brad's parents came in a few weeks ago and mine are here this weekend so it's really been more like a Christmas couple of weeks!

Brad got me an awesome medal hanger (Allied Medals) and I'll be posting more about it later.

I was proud of myself because I actually surprised Brad this year. He is really good at shaking presents and figuring out EXACTLY what they are. So this year I brought a huge box home from work and wrapped it with a bunch of junk in it.
Along with all the junk, there was a picture of an exercise bike. I picked one out but he's so picky I figured I'd let him actually do research and choose before I went and got it. Sounds horrible, but trust me, it's really better this way. I actually went and picked up the bike that he chose today... now we just have to put it together!!

I'm thankful that we were off for Christmas and able to spend the day together, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like Christmas without being home. I'm excited to spend time with mom and dad this weekend!
At my work Christmas party a few weeks ago when Brad's parents were here to visit.


  1. Aww, You are a good looking couple! You clean up nicely :-)

    Enjoy your family time!

    1. thanks andrea! we rarely clean up so i've gotta document it when we do! :)

  2. Love your medal hanger, I got one too! Glad you had a relaxing Christmas:)

  3. That was a great idea for your husband's gift! Love it!
    Great medal hanger!

  4. I love your medal hanger! You racked up a lot of medals this year to hang on it. I had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas too. The pharmacy was hopping!

  5. thanks cecilia! gotta love working in health care around the holidays, right?

  6. Does that say hustle harder?? Too funny. I have done the whole deceiving wrapping as well, always fun to see the surprised looks on their face :)

  7. Love the medal hanger! I'm sure Brad loved his gift! I would have let Chad pick too :)

  8. What a cool medal hanger! I want to get one too. I've done that with gifts for my husband lol. I got tired of him figuring things out. Now that we have kids everyone gets a fake name including him lol

  9. Aww you guys both did a great job with gifts for each other!