Wednesday, December 19, 2012

vacation part 2::: NYC day 2

thursday morning i got up and did 5 solid miles in central park [love].

we got ready and then went to lunch at the shake shack.

the burger and shake were amazing. my favorite burger ever. the fries were just ehhh. brad even said he liked it better than in and out [but he made me add that the 'animal style' on a shake shack burger would be the best ever].

we spent the rest of the afternoon in macy's, bloomingdale's, and some other stores. i loved seeing all the Christmas decor!

we went back and got ready to go see wicked! i was so excited that i finally talked brad into seeing this! last time we were in NYC we went to see the lion king because it was one of the shows brad thought he'd actually be interested in. i'd seen wicked on tour with my mom and LOVED it but brad has always had this aversion to it for many reasons, one of which being, WAIT FOR IT... he's never seen the wizard of oz!! but since this trip was kind of for my big birthday, he let me pick.
it was every bit as wonderful as i remembered and brad even said he liked it better than the lion king! i'm so happy he liked it! after the show we were walking to dinner and i got to meet the actress who played Glinda. she was really nice and signed my playbill! we had dinner at joe allen's then we headed to a bar we found near our hotel that we loved. i could not even tell you the name of it, but we ended up there almost every night we were there. they had tons of beers on tap and brad enjoys trying different ones.

so that was the end of day two! one more day of vacation round up to go!

have you seen the wizard of oz?


  1. I would love to go to New York and see a show!! One day!! Erica

  2. I have seen the movie The Wizard of Oz and also The Wiz... looks like you had a wonderful time. Vacations are the best!

  3. LOVE your NYC recaps!!

    I've seen the Wizard of Oz -- but not Wicked. I've had plenty of opportunities to, but never really cared to(?) I'll have to check it out!

  4. What a wonderful time! I'm hoping a visit to NY will be on the calendar for us in 2013!

  5. I love the Wizard of Oz so Wicked is on my list of things to see some day. The burgers and shakes look delicious!