Sunday, February 16, 2014

18-20 weeks pregnant

so we were supposed to find out the gender of baby m at week 19... but the little stinker sat breach and indian style pretty much the whole time. good news is that everything else looked great and it was so amazing to see that little face and everything else! we'll have another scan in a few weeks and hopefully the baby will be a little more cooperative!

my symptoms:  i've just felt really full lately. i've also had a weird back pain, but it doesn't seem to last long. 

weight:  i'm up 13 pounds. this scares the bejeezus out of me, but i brought it up with my doctor and she said i'm right on track. i feel like my hips are way more pregnant than my belly, but i think i've mentioned that already.

gender:  hopefully we'll find out in 17 days! 

maternity clothes: maternity clothes, scrubs, sweats, dresses, leggings... they're my faves. 

movement:  i was right about the baby sitting low! now i feel like it's a little higher. i do feel like i feel the baby more. my placenta is in the front of my belly though, so the doc said it might take a little longer for me to feel it.  

sleep: still loving my pregnancy pillow. i'm waking up once a night to head to the bathroom, but i'm getting really good at not totally waking up to do it ;)

cravings:  oatmeal cream pies, milk, toaster strudels, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples, water, water, water. 

what i miss:  diet mountain dew

appointments:  none this week

questions/concerns:  i want to ask my doctor about this back pain. it's only happened twice but dang does it hurt when it happens. 

goals for the week:  pick out nursery furniture

Thursday, February 13, 2014

three things thursday

what have you all been up to? we're hunkering down for the "storm of the century" or something like that. it's really, really beautiful, but DANG. snow really seems to bring out the idiots. i saw 3 people sliding out of control on the way home. and it was 95% stupidity and 5% road conditions. anyways, here's the view from our driveway:

in workout related news, i completed the pure barre challenge! 20 classes in 30 days [actually 31 days because they extended it a few days due to canceled classes].

this weekend i drove to KY and got to visit lots of my favorites! brad had to work so i took off. it was so great to see everyone but i wish brad could've come with. driving that long by yourself is no fun! here's a picture my dad took while i was home. mom posted it to Facebook and said she was rocking her two babies ;)