Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 race awards:::: my favorite races, bling, swag, courses, etc.

i LOVE recaps, reviews, year in numbers, etc. i've had this one on my mind for a while, and seeing as how i'm finished with non-virtual races for year, i figured i'd go ahead and do this one!

without further adieu i present to you the 2012 race awards, as judged by me::::

best bling::::
lots of nice bling to choose from. i loved the flying pig medal because it was double sided and there was a pig tail on the back. too cute! i also really liked the clay medal from the cherokee harvest half. it was hand made and you've gotta appreciate that. my least favorite was the xterra harbison half... sticker on a lightweight piece of metal, thin plain white ribbon. yuck. 
but hands down, run the bluegrass was the winner for this category. the ribbon was thick and double sided, i like how it loops through the medal instead of ending with a jump ring like most. i love how the ribbon looked like racing silks so it actually stood for something. the medal was heavy and i love the horse shoe. my fave. 

best swag::::
flying pig half marathon. in addition to women's specific asics tech shirts, we also received duffle bags and posters. 

best course for a pr::::
downhill at dawn. the name is not misleading. the first 3 miles are out and back, so you have about 1.5 miles of slight uphill. from that point you sail down the mountain. SAIL. 

most scenic course::::
this was a hard choice that ultimately ended in a tie between run the bluegrass and RnR savannah.  run the bluegrass is run all around keeneland and horse farms. beautiful farms, horses, fences, i loved it. RnR savannah was another beautiful course that was full of history. this course was changed from 2011 because runners complained that they didn't see the pretty parts of the city. RnR did a great job fixing that problem, i really enjoyed this course. 

honorable mention in this category has to go to the cherokee harvest half marathon. beautiful creeks, streams, woods, lots of nature!

best spectator support::::

flying pig half marathon. if you want people cheering you on the whole way and lots of signs and costumes to distract you, this is the course for you. i have never seen so many people along the way, and this was the first time i truly understood how much spectator support can help you!

best course support::::
i ran a lot of races with adequate course support, but the one that stood out to me for the year was the xterra harbison half. i think anyone who's ever done longer trail race can tell you how important those aid stations are, and this was no exception. a guy jogged out to run me into the station then refilled my camelbak while i had some gatorade. SO HELPFUL and MUCH APPRECIATED!

best shirt::::
this is hard to decide. i've gotta do sub categories.
best short sleeved shirt:::: run the bluegrass [nike drifit, women's specific, great blue color]
best long sleeved shirt:::: three way tie between strawberry plains, downhill at dawn, and cherokee.

best small race::::
cherokee harvest half marathon. they did a wonderful job with this race. great course support, great finish line, raffles, adequate bathrooms, great shirts, great food after the race. 

coolest race experience::::
of course this goes to RnR las vegas. if you're on the fence about this race let me push you over... DO THIS RACE! yes it's expensive and yes it's huge, but IT'S SO WORTH IT. running down las vegas boulevard in the dark, seeing all the costumes, seeing all the lights, AMAZING. 

all the above links will take you straight to the event website for 2013.  click here to go to my race review pages. 

what was your favorite race of 2012?
what award category would you add?

also, check out kiley's Christmas virtual race!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! As a racer myself, I always love reading others' reviews of various races. Even though we are in different regions, and I have never run those specific races, they are giving me a good idea of what things to look for when I'm exploring new races. And who knows, in my travels, maybe I look back to this post for some fun runs to do :)

    This has also given me the idea to do this myself next year - I need to keep better track of the race I run with pictures and such.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!


  2. Wow, you got some awesome bling and cool shirts:) Nice job Courtney! I will have to check out the flying pig race. I'm thinking maybe I need to do a destination race in 2013:)

  3. thanks for linking my race! I can't believe how many races people run in a year. I ran a grand total of 1! Nice work on all the bling and swag. Fun post:)

  4. This is an awesome post! I love all your medals, they are all so original! I definitely need to run that Downhill at Dawn and Flying Pig is on my bucket list, if only flights were so dang expensive! lol
    Hopefully we can meet up for a race in 2013.

    1. we should and downhill at dawn would be great for new PR!!

  5. Love your update and it Looks to me you need to Run the Bluegrass again next year! Bobbie and possibly her Husband will be running it again in 2013, of course I will be the Photog for all my Runner Kids!

  6. Such a cool post! I loved reading it and wow you worked hard this year!!! This week I plan to sit down and write out my plan of which races I want to take part in for 2013. Cant wait to add more bling to my collection but I have a ways to go to catch up. Great job!!!! Erica

  7. Love this post! This is one of my favorite things about blogging - reading about all the cool races everywhere. Have a fabulous holiday!!

  8. you did an excellent job with this post!! I have flying pig and Thunderroad medals from previous years and love them as well--- I completely dig that strawberry one! I get a kick out of uniquely shaped medals and this is the first time I've seen a strawberry. I've never thought to do best swag / shirt/ spectator support, so I will keep that in mind for 2013.

  9. This really makes me want to run all the races that you ran this past year!

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