Sunday, September 29, 2013

summary sunday

the week of september 23-29

monday:  pure barre
tuesday:  pure barre, 3 mile run
wednesday: pure barre
thursday:  rest day
friday:  pure barre
saturday:  ran 3 miles
sunday:  pure barre

hmm, i distinctly remember saying i'd run 10 miles this week. obviously, that didn't happen. i had planned on running 3 on thursday and 4 on saturday, but i decided my body wanted a rest day (and brad wanted to go out to eat when i got home from work).

so i'll shoot for 10 again this next week.

and just because this post is super boring, here are some cute pup pics!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

summary sunday

the week of september 16-22

monday:  6am pure barre 
tuesday:  rest day
wednesday:  6am pure barre
thursday:  645pm pure barre
friday:  830am pure barre, 1 hour walk
saturday:  830am pure barre
sunday:  230pm breaking down the barre class

y'all i need to run something fierce. i've obviously come to terms with the fact that i'm going to be walking A LOT at the cherokee half marathon. my goal is to run at least 10 miles next week. nothing to call home about, but that's 10 more miles that i ran this week.

i'm still loving pure barre, and i'm trying to figure out a) if i can justify the cost, and b) how i'm going to shower and get to work (because part of justifying the cost involves me canceling my gym membership).  we'll see.

last night was eventful... brad woke me up at 2am telling me to go sleep in the guest bedroom because he was sick. so loaded him up with medicine, water, and a bucket and told him to holler or call my cell if he needed me. we skipped church so we could sleep and now he's comfy on the couch watching football (WHO DEY!).

i did make something new to me this morning... egg muffins!

i just added some local sausage and some salt and pepper, but next time i think i'll add broccoli. they tasted great but i want to add some veggies. these should be really easy to heat up and eat on the go!

what did you do today?

Friday, September 20, 2013

a day in my life...

a day in the life
you can link up to jill's post or see everyone else's at the above link.

430 am:  alarm goes off, get up to take care of dogs (outside, back in to feed them both, then back out).

500am:  catch up on blogs/emails and let the pups play for awhile

530am:  take pups out, put lyla in her crate until brad wakes up, riley roams the house, grab my bags and  get out the door.

549am:  arrive at pure barre for 6am class

6am:  get my l.t.b. on for 55 minutes, then drive about 2 minutes down the road to the rush.

7am:  run into the gym to shower and get ready for work. i've got to figure out how i'm going to shower after i quit my membership at the rush. i could drive back to my house but i'm afraid i'll end up being about 10-15 minutes late for work. maybe not if i hurry, who knows.

830a-7pm:  work, work, work (as a pharmacist at a local community pharmacy).

i normally get home from work around 730p and i either cook or we'll go get something to eat (brad gets back home earlier than me so he takes care of the pups). then we usually watch TV or work on something here at the house. (if i'm ending my stretch of working days i'll usually go on a tear and semi-clean the house... i clean it when i'm off work and it can get a little cluttered for my taste when i'm working).

today was a straight to couch day! depending on when i'm getting up the next morning, i usually go to bed between 10 and 11. i try to head up 30 minutes early to read my Bible and i'll also pack a bag for the next day if i need to.

Monday, September 16, 2013

back to the daily grind and a little tv randomness

ugh i had to go back to work today. it was fun until about 3pm, then i hit a wall and i just wanted to take a nap :)

lyla is doing really well, she and riley are getting along great. i'm planning on making her a new bed this weekend, she keeps stealing riley's.  and this is what he thinks about that:

did y'all watch breaking bad last night? i swear, i basically had 2 heart attacks and peed my pants in the first 30 minutes. it is ripping my heart out. 

if you don't watch breaking bad (i'm sorry but you really need to get with it!) do you watch sons of anarchy? it's one of the shows that got me through marathon training last year and the new season premiered last week. the whole episode made me sick. i wanted to punch jax (the main character) in his manly parts. what a jerk. 

what's your must watch tv show? there are only 2 episodes of breaking bad left and i'm pretty sure i'm going to cry... and on another note, i watch WAY too much TV. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

summary sunday

one of the main reasons i started this blog was that i wanted some accountability with working out. well, there's not been any of that lately because i haven't been posting regularly! so in an attempt to get back into the groove (blogging and working out), i present summary sunday... where i'll recap my workouts from the previous week.

the week of september 9-15

Monday:  pure barre
Tuesday:  pure barre, 3 trail run/walk (ran 2, walked 1)
Wednesday:  pure barre
Thursday:  pure barre
Friday:  pure barre
Saturday:  pure barre
Sunday:  rest day!!

umm, so i bet you can't guess my new favorite workout! i can't help it, i love it. i have GOT to run some next week though. i have a half marathon in 33 days. yikes.

ps... i kind of got this idea from lisa. would you all be interested in an online workout gear yard sale link up? i'd be happy to host it and it would work something like this... basically you'd compose a post  on your blog listing any and all gear you're interested in getting rid of (including a picture, price you want, size, condition, etc). then i'd start a link up on my blog so we could all check out each others' gear. like an online yard sale of sorts.

let me know if you're interested and i'll set it up for a week or so away, giving us time to get our stuff together!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

he and she eat clean's arugula chicken burgers

one of my goals for this week is to find and try some new recipes to work in the mix. we are in a big time food  rut. which leads to eating out every night, which leads to empty pockets in jeans that are way too tight.

i found the site he and she eat clean via pinterest (of course, where else does one find a recipe nowadays?). they have a lot of great looking ideas but the first one to jump out at me was their arugula chicken burgers (the link will actually take you to tosca reno's website where they shared the recipe).

these were super easy to make and SO DELICIOUS! they are filling, flavorful, and a perfect pairing with some roasted sweet potato cubes which we are loving right now too.

lots of fresh ingredients! chop everything up, add to a bowl, and add your ground chicken. 

 i pan fried them with this new coconut oil that i got from swanson health products [for more on them, see below].* it worked pretty much the same as evoo and i couldn't taste any difference in the two. i'm trying to use coconut oil more after reading whole30 and this worked perfectly!

doesn't that look good? it made four patties so we each had one for dinner then warmed up another one for lunch the next day. we put them on ezekiel english muffins the first night, then the second day i went without a bun.

let me know if you all try them!

*swanson health products has a HUGE selection of vitamins, supplements, organic foods, natural bath/beauty products, eco-friendly cleaners, etc.

  • they are family owned since 1969
  • guaranteed low prices (crazy low prices!)
  • i can personally attest to their WONDERFUL customer service and FAST shipping
i was allowed to choose this product from swanson and it was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. as always, all opinions are my own and i was not required to give a positive review. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

well it was supposed to be a relaxing week of vacation...

brad and i decided to take a staycation this fall instead of traveling anywhere. we planned on sleeping in, hiking, mountain biking, and maybe staying in downtown asheville for a few nights... but then we got this little booger:

so those plans changed quickly. we did finally pick a name... LYLA. although miss pisser might have been more accurate. seriously, her bladder must be the size of a teaspoon because she pees every 15 minutes. 

this morning and yesterday morning i got up and went to pure barre, which just opened in asheville. 

i have always heard such good things about these classes but i've never had the opportunity to try them. loved their store front and studio and they were all so nice and welcoming! so far i've really enjoyed myself. i've never done anything with dance at all (except watch center stage fifty 'leven times), so even though the movements are totally new to me, i can still do them. 

i signed up for their 5 week introductory package so i'll post more throughout and do a summary post at the end (this coming from the girl who still needs to recap the flying pig 3way and the downhill at dawn marathon, eh).

did you ever take dance classes?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

it has been a long time coming

so in case you don't follow me on instagram, our family grew by four paws this week. 

when brad and i got married we wanted two dogs... i wanted a chocolate lab and brad wanted a german shepherd. i talked him into getting the lab first since i actually had some experience with the breed. we adopted riley right after we got married and as i'm sure you all know we've spoiled him rotten and i pretty much think the sun shines out of his little brown booty. 

every once in a while brad would get on a 'let's get a puppy' streak, but i didn't really want any part of it. the dog part of our life was pretty dang perfect, and to be honest, i don't do change all that well. 

long story short, he finally wore me down. we started looking at gsd rescues but we didn't have any luck (side note: it's a lot of work to adopt a dog nowadays. we don't have a fenced in yard so a lot of places didn't think we'd be a good fit). i was really hesitant to look at a breeder but a friend recommended one and everything fell into place. 

here's our new little girl, who is currently nameless (i know):

we brought her home thursday night and it's been a whirlwind. riley was estimated to be 6 months old when we brought him home, so he was ready to be house-trained and like i said, he was pretty easy. 

this little lady pees like it's her job. we take her out with riley, and she will pee, then we bring her back in and she goes again. she's keeping bounty in business. i know why God made puppies so cute, that's for sure. 

riley's handling her pretty well. the first night he wouldn't have anything to do with her or us. he'd just stare daggers at us from across the room, and i was super upset that we'd messed up. now he's warmed up and is playing with her. we have fostered dogs in the past and he always did well with them, but they always left after a month or so when they were adopted. hopefully they'll become best buddies :)