Monday, August 12, 2013

through the lens of my phone v.1

i've been doing a lot of the same old same old lately. i practically live at this place---->

and i spend a whole 'lotta time on this bad boy. but hard work pays off, so i guess i could be hanging out at worse places. 

even though we've been spending a lot of time at the gym, we've gotten to do some really fun stuff in the past couple of weeks.

riley celebrated his 5th birthday!

we were given 2 tickets to go see sheryl crow at the biltmore estate. the biltmore does a concert series every summer and they get some really great artists to come in. this was our first time going and it was an amazing night. watching the sunset on the terrace and listening to music that i've loved for such a long time... perfect!

 riley's been doing some yoga with me. or supervising at least.

i signed up for RUN THE BLUEGRASS!!! can't freaking wait.

 my mom and dad came to visit this weekend. the boys went golfing while mom and i got crafty. we each made UK wreaths and together we made her a beachy one also. the two UK ones are huge. i like the smaller size of her burlap one better and i'll make any future ones in that size.

do you ever do any projects you find on pinterest? 

if you have pets do you celebrate their birthdays?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

jackson hole vacation :::: part 4

okay last part [five years after the fact]! friday we reluctantly left the ranch and went to the airport to pick up a car. then we drove out to the grand teton ski resort area to check into the hotel terra. we decided to stay out there versus in jackson because the rates were so much better. once we arrived we found out that they'd upgraded us (perks of booking in the off season!).

the room was amazing, but we didn't really spend too much time in it! we dropped off our stuff and headed to a trail that one of the ranch hands recommended.

we had teton thai for dinner and it was great! the next morning we got up and headed to the snake river to go rafting. the rapids were a lot more technical than anything i've ever been on before, so fun! unfortunately the trip only lasted about 45 minutes.

after rafting we went to downtown jackson for lunch and to look around. we had lunch at cafe genevieve (delicious!) and then shopped around a little. we went to the million dollar cowboy bar and sat in the saddles to have a drink.

i can't remember if i mentioned it, but FYI most of those are elk antlers and the elk shed them every year. i didn't know this when we arrived and i was a little disturbed!

after we left downtown, we drove around to try to find animals and we had pretty good luck!

you can't see in the picture, but there was a calf with that moose. we got to see it nurse! we didn't see a single bull moose while we were there, just the ladies.

we went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner at the blue lion. great atmosphere and food. we both had elk steaks and really enjoyed sitting out on the porch and listening to the guitar player. great way to end the trip.

the next morning we got up a little earlier than we needed to so that we could drive through the national forest at dawn on the way to the airport. we saw another moose and some deer. we were really sad to leave, this was my favorite vacation we've taken.