Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Whirlwind

thank you all for all the well wishes and congrats on this post.  i really enjoyed reading all the comments! i've also really enjoyed reading all your Christmas posts. It's always fun to see how everyone else celebrates.

This year we had a week long Christmas :). Brad's family came in the weekend before Christmas then my family came the weekend after (and Brad, the pups, and I had our Christmas on the actual day).

It was great to see everyone, but of course now I'm worn out! And I do NOT want to put all these decorations up!

when i finally got the tree up with ALL the lights! 

only sweet when they're asleep :)

 lyla with her fancy poinsettia scarf after her bath.

she was also my wrapping assistant... aka miss try to eat all the bows. 

one of my favorite Christmas traditions.... Christmas eve candlelight service at our church.

lyla "helping" riley with his stocking.

and she's down for the count!

Friday, December 27, 2013

in case you missed it...

i'm so excited to finally share this with y'all! this is something we've been praying about for a long time, and we're beyond pumped that it's actually happening!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just a reminder...

If you haven't already, please ship out your gifts for the sock swap! Please communicate with me or your partner if there are any complications!

When you all start receiving your packages, please post to social media and send me the link. I'll do my annual round up post when I get the majority of your all's links!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

summary sunday and hbbc week 2

sunday:  rest
monday:  2 mile run/2 mile walk (4 miles total)
tuesday:  rest
wednesday:  pure barre
thursday:  3.1 mile run
friday:  pure barre
saturday:  rest

freggies & water:  all 7 days
plus a few FB points

31 points for the week

goal for next week? break 40 points! 

i was very proud that i managed to get my butt out of my warm bed on wednesday morning for pure barre at 6am. 

i love the accountability that i get from being in a group environment. i had also signed up for the class so i knew our instructor would be braving the weather to come out for us and i wasn't going to wimp out on her ;)

ps - i know i promised y'all a pure barre review... it's coming i swear! i'm trying to time it with my 50th class, so it should be in the next 2-3 weeks.