Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon:::: #10 of 12 in 2012

rock n roll las vegas half marathon, las vegas, nevada
half mary # 11
race# 10 of 12 in 2012
time:  2:12:01
division:  338/1901
gender: 2531/13487

we arrived in vegas on saturday and after going to in and out and checking into our hotel, we headed to the expo. we were staying at new york, new york and the expo was all the way down at the venetian, so we took the monorail. i bought discounted tickets for the monorail on RnR's website. the expo was pretty much the same as the RnR Savannah expo. I quickly grabbed my shirt, bag and bib and we headed out. I usually enjoy the expos but for whatever reason I wasn't really feeling it. Brad's never feeling it so we just got in and out quickly. here's a beautiful, no make-up, been traveling since 5 am picture of me [it's the only one i got at the expo so that's the only reason i'm posting it]. 

race morning evening::::
this is the first race i've ever done that didn't have a morning start and it was so odd. i had no idea what to do/how to eat/etc. the half marathon started at 430 so around 3 i headed to the room to get ready. 

i was a big pink mess! 3 different colors of pink on, oh well! my only regret as far as my outfit was that i wish i'd added something fun. i saw so many lighted headbands, necklaces, and stuff like that and also so many sparkle skirts! i've made up my mind, i'm getting one!

after i got all my stuff together i headed to the start line. i took the shuttle from the MGM Grand to the Mirage (start line). i had a little trouble getting into my corral, i somehow ended up on the side that didn't have any entrances so i had to walk back then up to get in. 

the race::::
what is there to say about this course that hasn't already been said? it was definitely a once in a lifetime thing, running down the las vegas boulevard at night and seeing all the bright lights! i was too busy checking everything out and stopping to take pictures to pay any attention to my pace or mileage. i carried my phone for the first 6 miles or so, just because i knew i'd want to take pictures!

the course was flat and the temperature was perfect. my only complaint weather-wise was the crazy winds! i literally almost tripped over my own foot at one point because a huge gust of wind blew my foot into my leg. there were also several times when i just had to put my head down because dust was flying into my eyes (i wear contacts and if they get too dry they fall out and i'm pretty much blind without them!). 

the course was an out and back, beginning and ending on the strip. one of my favorite parts was that we ran through the old downtown part of las vegas which has a lot of casinos and lights too. i'd never seen that part so i really enjoyed getting to see it. we even ran by the pawn stars store! 

the best part was that there was only about a mile or so in a residential area. all the rest of the course was in an area with so many distractions. the course was FLAT too. would be great for PRs if not for the large crowds. 

compared to the horror stories i read last year, RnR really worked out a lot of the kinks. the marathoners had a separate finishing chute for the last 2-3 miles that we ran alongside them. I completely agreed that this was necessary, however there was no on policing it and most of it was just divided with tape (easy to cross). also i felt like the last two water stations were not staffed as well as the first ones. there was water on the tables, but no where near as many people handing them out. 

my race::::
i went into this race wanting to have fun. this race was on my bucket list and i'd been looking forward to it all year. i wanted to soak up every drop of the experience. i stopped to take a lot of pictures and even waited in line for the official photographers to take this pic:

even doing all that, i finished with my second best time ever [brad actually says it's a PR because he doesn't count my downhill race as a PR]. either way, i'm over the moon. it was such an amazing life/running experience

what i'm wearing::::
nike miler shirt
nike running capris
mizuno wave riders (14s) with sweat pink laces
lululemon headband
road id
iPod nano with yurbuds headphones
iFitness double pouch belt

my recommendations for this race::::
get a monorail pass for after the race if your hotel isn't nearby. no one wants to walk the strip after you've run it!
dress up or do the race with a group of friends!


  1. Congrats!!

    Running a course like that would be a dream! So jealous! I'd be sooo happy to find a late afternoon race one day!

  2. Congrats Courtney!! Love the energy of your recap. I know I've probably said it a million times but I want to run an RnR!

  3. Looks like fun. I too want a sparkle skirt, I'm ordering one after Christmas

  4. Fun!!!! You did a great job! All your weight training is def. paying off.. Oh and you look great :)

  5. That looks like such a great race! A friend of mine did the full last year and she said it was a bit horrible but glad to hear they worked out some of the problems. 2:12 is a great time! You should be proud. I'm a new fan of very flat courses so I would love this :)

    1. i think it was the flattest course i've ever run, definitely a plus!!

  6. Awesome job Courtney! I had this on my list this year, but it didn't end up working out. We got home from Hawaii the day before the race:) So glad they worked out most of the kinks from last year!

  7. Courtney! You are rocking your half times! Great job!
    My goal for my next half which will be in March 2013, I plan to get under 2:22. Wish me luck!

    1. thanks missy! i think you're going to crush your goal!!

  8. Congratulations on your race!! I'm glad to hear that they worked a lot of the kinks out. It sounds like an amazing experience!

  9. Congratulations Courtney! It sounds like you really enjoyed this race. I told Allan about you running this and he thought it was the coolest race ever so congratulations from Allan too!

  10. Congrats! I would be thrown off by a not morning start too. Glad you had a great time