Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help! I need a plan!

I have a confession. I've only ran once since the half. I don't know what my deal is. What have I been doing?

Drinking lots of diet cherry limeade:
Getting my eyes checked and dilated... Check out these amazing shades:

There are no words for this. That's why I took a picture to share with you all.

So before you quit following and write me off thinking this is what my posts will consist of from now on... Just hold on a hot minute.

I've got to make a plan. I do well with plans. It's just that I've got limitless options as to what I want to accomplish.

Do I concentrate on weight loss?

Do I concentrate on running for 1 more month (thru the end of October)? I've signed up for a 5k and 8k and I'm doing them no matter what. The Haunted Half website is still being super dumb so I haven't been able to sign up. Should I?

Do I concentrate on strength training?

What about yoga?


Or I could just keep eating ice cream, sitting on my butt, watching true blood, and teaching Rileybear how to hit his dougie (he's really good, I promise!).

It's time to step up my game.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch, What a Great Combination!

We live about 20 minutes from Hendersonville, which is known for its apple orchards. I'd really been wanting to go check one out, and Brad was fighting tooth and nail. I don't know what it is about guys and stuff like this. Even today at church our pastor was talking about feeling like he has to check his man card when his wife drags him there.

Too bad for Brad, his parents were here this weekend and his mom also loves stuff like this. We didn't have anything else to do and I can't stand just sitting around watching TV when we have company, so off we went. We went to Grandad's Apples.
What a great place! It had everything all in one place:  apples (u pick or they pick), pumpkins, corn maze, country store (apple everything imaginable), and farm animals. We got a lot of pumpkins and apples. Brad also got an apple slush and I had a carmel apple (don't tell my dentist!).

 We are forever trying to get a good family picture. Riley is forever making that impossible :)

Pretty much an awesome Saturday! We all went to church this morning then Brad's parents had to hit the road. Third Day and Tenth Avenue North are having a concert at our church tonight and we were planning to go, but I have to go to a meeting, so Brad's going with one of the guys he works with. Stoopid work.

What did you do this weekend??

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GIVEAWAY WINNER... and I love Google

I've been blogging for about four months and I have learned so much since then. Not only have I made some amazing friends but I've learned how to do a lot of crap on the computer. A social butterfly and computer geek simultaneously!

For example, tonight I wanted to use the random number generator to draw for my giveaway. I knew there was a way to put the screen shot on here, but had no idea how... I googled how to take a screenshot and I find this gem. Winner winner chicken dinner.

So enough of that nonsense. The winner of my first giveaway is... (get ready for all the snips!!)
Comment #8 which was...

Coy from First in Philly! I found Coy's blog when I first started this whole process and I was immediately hooked. I can't wait until I head back to KY for a race, so maybe we can meet up! Coy email me your info and I'll send this box of fuel your way!

Thanks everyone for participating, I was blown away!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be Nice or Leave... Pharmacy Fun v.1

***Disclaimer:  This post is a rant. It has nothing to do with running. ***

It has to be a full moon. People are out of their ever loving minds.

Let me just tell you. At work, and in life, I am CHILL. I do not get mad, pushy, or sling attitude.  I NEVER considered stuff like this when I was studying my booty off for a million years.

Let me just give you an example:
  • On Sunday (of all days) a woman called me a stupid b*tch. Seriously? What could I have done to possibly deserve this? I wouldn't fill her pain medicine early. For reals.
I have NEVER. Nothing like getting verbally abused for 12 hours. And unfortunately it's not just the patients. Some (not all by any means) nurses like to berate us. For example, one tried to call in a narcotic over the phone today (FYI you can't do this. The patient has to bring in the actual prescription). I told him so (nicely) and he interrupts me and says, and I quote,

"Oh, some pharmacists are really helpful
and will do this to help the patient out."

Can I get a big eff you? I have this thing called a license. I worked really hard to get it and I have to have it to work. I'm young and I'd like to think my license and I have a long, happy future together. So quit asking me to do illegal shit that could cause me to lose it. And DO NOT try to make me feel like a bad person for being like this. I will help a patient in any way I can. LEGALLY. Geez.

End rant. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too Much True Blood and Yogurt? Nahhhh

Sorry I've been MIA. Today is the first day I've run since the ACT Half Marathon. I did 3 miles on the trails with my running buddies that I haven't seen in about a month! It was so refreshing to do a run just because.

I'm trying to figure out what to do next. And I don't mean like what race am I doing. If you check on my RACE page you'll see three races in October. A 5k, 8k, and a half. Think I've caught the bug? Yeah, I'd say so.

Plus I LOVE the fall weather, it's perfect for running.

But I need to figure out my plan of attack. Any suggestions?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't involve sitting on the couch watching a billion episodes of True Blood. Or eating fro-yo three times a day week.

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY?

I'm off to make plan!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon Recap & Review

If I had to choose a theme for this race... It was hills, hills, HILLS. Oh my goodness.

And yes, when I first decided to do this race I read all about it and people definitely mentioned the hills. I just chose to forget that I'd read about them and continue in blissful ignorance.

Then I got the race instruction email and this little chunk of buzz kill was included:

Seriously? More on that later.

So I got up at 530, had a Cliff Bar and drank some G2. Packed up all my crap and headed downtown.
From the top left:  iPod and accessories, bib, garmin, cliff bar, iFitness belt on the bottom, already packed with my phone and shot bloks.

PS - wore the iFitness belt for the first time (I know, such a no no), and it worked great. The only thing I didn't like was it didn't hold my bib the right way (or I couldn't figure it out, which is WAY more likely). But the main thing was:  that sucker didn't move or bounce at all. Perfect.

We lined up for the race and I headed to the back, I didn't really have a goal time in mind, my main goals being to finish and to do so with a smile on my face. But I noticed the 2:30 pace group near me and they were a really nice group of girls. One explained that their plan was to run a little faster on the flats and downhills, and if they saw a hill that made them wanna say S, D, or F that they'd walk it. I thought this was a great plan and made an impromptu goal to stick with them.
That's the start line WAAAAY up there. I stuck with the pace group for the first 2-3 miles. I was feeling really good, and went on ahead. I thought that might have been a little silly of me, but whatever. I felt great and the time was flying by. At some point (I think at a water station) they passed me and I ended up finished about a minute behind them.

I can't tell you anything about my splits because my Garmin (or its operator) is stupid. Anyone have any tips when Garmin Connect keeps saying that no device is attached? Dumb.

Here's one of the hills. And it was not the worst one.
I'm taking this picture from up on the next switch back. Torture.

There were lots of spectators and alot of the course was through various neighborhoods. Some people had orange slices out for us and lots of little kids cheering us on. There was one group tailgating with mimosas. Yum.

What I couldn't get over was how fast this race flew by!! I never got bored and only once thought to myself "Are we there yet?" (at like mile 12.5). I talked to a few people during the race, which always makes the time fly. I walked the hills and ran the rest. I walked through all the water stations and got water or gatorade, and took shot bloks at miles 6.5 ish and again at 10ish. I think I took three each time. I wanted to take the first ones earlier, but I got all confused and wasn't ready at the water station. The race miles were coming at me faster than they were on my Garmin.

According to Garmin I did 12.91 miles in 2:31:56 (average pace 11:46)
Official time:  2:31:12 (11:32)

It was very cool and even sprinkled at a few points, but felt really great outside.

It was AMAZING to cross that line and get my medal:

There was lots of food after the race (Earth Fare provided trailmix, apples, bananas, some kind of nut butter, and yogurt covered pretzels). The only weird thing was that I actually had to walk around to find water after the race. Highland Brewing Co. offered 2 complimentary beers for racers.   

After the race I grabbed a water and a banana and hit the road. I wasn't that hungry (oddly) but I knew I would be soon. I stopped at McAllisters and got a baked potato and salad. I came home to get in the torture chamber  ice bath. Brad called (he had to work) and let me know he'd gotten me ice and left it in a cooler for me (how sweet!). I went upstairs and found this:

He's pretty awesome. And I'm pretty blessed.

I got in the ice bath, then took a hot shower (does this completely un-do the ice bath?). Then I proceeded to lay on the couch and watch a bunch of True Blood. Perfect day.

In short... I LOVED the race. Yes the course sucked but I still loved every minute. I can't wait to do it again. And I also want to volunteer at a big race soon. Stay tuned. I think I'm addicted :)

I thought the course was tough.

The volunteers were amazing. There were tons of water stations. Offering water at first, adding Gatorade and pretzel sticks later on in the race. It was extremelely well organized and started on time. There were 3 or 4 pace groups. The shirts were super cute tech tees. I loved the medals. I really liked that there were two different shirts (one for the half and another for the 5K). We had to pay to park which was kinda stinky, but understandable and only cost about 3 bucks. They had a bag check that was very efficient.

I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you're looking for a challenging course. It was almost like running a mile then doing 20 squats, then repeating 13 times.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon Expo and Packet Pick Up... And my first GIVEAWAY!!

Just got back from the expo and packet pick up! I can't believe this is actually happening!
It was at the Sherrill Center on UNCA's campus. I'd never been up there, they have a nice arena. There were a decent number of vendors there. We stopped at the Jus' Running and Foot Rx booths. Brad found a pair of Mizuno shorts for 50% off and I got a belt at iFitness. I also saw a booth for a The Haunted Half Marathon. Should I or shouldn't I? I'm gonna decide after Saturday, but I'm thinking YES!

I picked up my shirt and bib:
**This is actually the third shirt I got. On the first two the screen printing had smeared and looked crappy. I HATE taking things back or saying anything about stuff like that, but dangit this is my first half marathon shirt and I want to be able to wear it all the time. Even to sleep.

So I'm off to eat some delicious carbs (I keep reading that you shouldn't carb load the night before but that you should eat a few more carbs for a few days before the race). I can probaby handle that.

Now that I've made you suffer through all that, let's get down to the good stuff... my first giveaway!
A mix of my favorite fuels! Shot Bloks, GU's and sport beans. You'll get everything pictured, and maybe a few other sweet treats! Want to enter? Here are the ways you can:

**MANDATORY - must be a follower** (1 entry)

Optional entries:
Blog, tweet, or facebook a link to this giveaway. (1 entry for each)
Tell me your favorite race fuel. (1 entry)

Leave me a comment for each entry pretty please!

Good LUCK! I'll pick a winner on September 24th at 11pm (ish, let's face it I'm not punctual at all). I'll either use the random number generator or figure out a way to let Riley pick.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We've Come A Long Way Baby

I cannot believe that the half is in 3 days. I started this blog in May with the goal of becoming accountable for my training. I never thought in a million years that anyone would read my ramblings, let alone comment... And followers?? Yeah right.

I have had a blast. What an amazing world of encouragement and friendship.

THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. You all have helped to push me through this training and taught me so much!

(Speaking of which, Ashley (AKA Redonkulous Runner) posted some awesome links on how to customize your header. If you're in Google reader, please come check out my new design!)

Now I'm off to pick out my playlist for the


Can't believe I'm actually doing this!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Road To Hana, Hawaii 2011

So I'm completely slacking in my Hawaii recap. I've finished two:
Kaanapali Beach
Traveling and Fishing Trip

After 5 great days in Kaanapali we packed up for the road to Hana. The Hana Highway is a beautiful coastal drive that's about 52 miles long. But get this, there are about 50 one laned bridges. (Not exaggerating, Wiki says 46 of them). I loved getting to see the coast and hiking to see the amazing scenery, but I hated driving and riding on this road. It made me NERVOUS, but it was worth it.

We stopped at several places along the way.

When we arrived in Hana we checked into our condo then went out to find some food. We stopped at the Hasegawa general store and drove around a little.
On Sunday we got up and went to a few places in and around Hana. A few waterfalls, a national park, and a red sand beach.

It was definitely one of the coolest parts of our vacation. We saw so many things that we'd never seen before. Beautiful.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Miler, Ice Bath Blunder, and the Key to a Happy Marriage

I was almost too excited to sleep this Friday, so I can hardly imagine what kind of basket case I'll be next Friday. I was so pumped to get up and run 10 miles. Crazy right? I've never run double digit miles and I wanted an awesome run to make me forget this run. Let me just tell you,

it was amazing.

I had a cliff bar and some G2 before running and I stopped once at 6.2 miles (paused Garmin) to have 3 shot blocks and some water. I am PROUD to show my Garmin this time:
Hells yeah. 10 miler dominated.

However Saturday was set up to be a day of firsts, and while I was very successful with the first, the second was an epic fail.

I happen to be an ice bath virgin. I never thought I was running enough to need one. But I'm reading Kara Goucher's book right now and she says you should at least do one after running 10 miles. So okay, I can handle that.

So let me just share a helpful hint that my BFF Kara failed to mention: You need a shit ton of ice. AKA:  What kind of idiot thinks that she doesn't need to stop and get ice when she knows good and well she made 3 batches of margaritas the night before??

This is what I was working with. NOT SMART.

So I sent this downstairs to Brad:
And he loves me so much that he paused the UK game and went and got me two bags of ice. (If you notice our conversation from the night before, you'll see why our marriage works. I bring him beer, he brings me ice, it's a win, win!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirsty Thursday... And playing fantasy football in the same league as your husband may lead to divorce.

So today was my Friday at work. Thank God. I can't even begin to explain to you how horrible Tuesday was. But anyways, nothing a little liquid deliciousness can't fix.
The bear was trying to steal it. Stinker. Then he tried to steal my curly fries. Anyone noticing a trend? It's a good thing he's cute.

Are you ready for some football? Our little house is consumed. As you can see it's on the TV. And B-rad is jocking my laptop. I swear, when football season starts he is a lot little psycho. I'm talking TV on (usually the channel that shows like 6 games at once), laptop on, iPhone on. You think I'm kidding. Sunday is a long day at this house, especially if the Bengals lose. And if you know anything about then Bengals... Well. Yeah.

I play in a fantasy league with Brad and his guy friends. My first year playing with them I kicked their trash and took first place. Last year I came in second. (The year in between I sucked it up big time). Anyways, we take it seriously and talk a lot of smack.

Long story short, Kentucky's Randall Cobb was drafted by Green Bay and he's having a heck of a first game. I was going to pick him up but Brad was hogging my laptop of course. Do you know that turd picked up him up first? Rude. Guess who's sleeping on the couch?

Oh and by the way, Stefanie is featuring me on her blog (RUN ON) today!! Go on over and check it out. I've been stalking her blog for awhile and you probably should too! She's hilarious and has a yellow lab. What more do you need to know? :) THANK YOU Stefanie. Please bring Winston to NC to play with Riley asap.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Running with a CamelBak... Episode 1

I pushed my long run back to today (I picked up a 12 hour shift yesterday = I didn't have to use as many vacation hours = there's no way I'm running after a 12 hour shift).

I planned (isn't that always how it starts) to get up around 8 and get the run finished early. I ended up leaving the house around 1130. I was worried about the heat, but knew that I wanted to run outside because I'm worried all the treadmill miles won't translate when it comes to the race. So I loaded up this guy and headed out:
Have you ever ran with one of these bad boys on your back? Yeah, it was interesting to say the least. I got a decent start, but faded QUICKLY (and this was the only thing I did quickly).

Things that probably weren't helping me out any:  the heat, the trail i chose (hella hills), the bag of water sloshing around on my back), i forgot my iPod, and my crappy attitude. I don't know why but from the first moment I decide to stop and walk for a bit, my attitude turns to, well you didn't really run 9 miles. Completely negative and defeatist. And annoying. Do you ever annoy yourself?

Here's what I was working with:

 I am proud that I completed 9 miles (my training called for 8, but I'm bumping it up because I've ran 8 twice already and I want to do 10 next week for my last LR) but I'd be lying if I said I was happy with it.

I was too tired to do math at this point and spent about an hour thinking this was actually my pace. Then I plugged into daily mile and felt a little better. Just a little.

My 'I'm pissed and these straps are chaffing my arms' look. My CamelBak doesn't sit too well on me. Apparently I'm not supposed to have boobs.

But it did allow me to carry my fuel (I had like 4 or 5 sharkies at halfway point) and my iPhone. So you all actually have pictures to look at instead of my rambling.