Saturday, December 8, 2012

sock swap reminder and direct TV is killing me

we just got back home and while we had a great time, it sure is good to be home! my OCD flares up though so i'm on a laundry/grocery shopping/put everything up mission. brad isn't really affected by stuff like that so he sat down to catch up on his tv but lo and behold our DirectTV box has crashed... for the second time. 

brad's pretty go with the flow but let me just tell you, do not mess with his tv. i'm mostly upset that the Christmas episode of duck dynasty is gone, but he's taking it to another level. rightly so, for the amount they charge us every month i feel like they should come to our house and serve popcorn when we want to watch a recording. and of course the earliest our schedules line up with theirs is friday. and you get the standard, "when would you like us to come out, between 8-12 or 12-4?" really? i'd like you to not monopolize my whole day when YOUR crappy stuff breaks down. UGH. end rant. but seriously, multiply me by 10 and you're getting a taste of where brad's at. 

onto more fun stuff, we just got back from vacation. we went to las vegas and NYC. sounds really silly but long story short, we had a week off and there was no way i was spending a week in vegas. not happening. so i was playing around looking at flights and it ending up costing $20 each to go to NYC for the rest of the week. don't mind if i do. i've always wanted to see the city around Christmas and it did not disappoint! 

i'll be posting about our trip over this week, sorry to bore you all but i like having the memories on here because i'm too dang lazy to scrapbook like i used to! 

quick reminder::: sign ups for the sock swap close at midnite tonight (saturday). i'll be sending out emails tomorrow telling you who you're shipping to. if you've emailed me you're signed up. (i replied to everyone's request to join so if you haven't heard from me, email me again). 


  1. oooooh!! You just went to NYC. Nice! I love to hear about trips, that's NEVER boring.

    Love the skating pic! :D

  2. I love NYC. Great vacation! Super jealous! I have Direct TV and (knock on wood) have never had the DVR crash but it would definitely be pretty devastating.

  3. Vegas and NYC! I'm so jealous right now. Hope you guys had a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about it. That stinks about Direct TV. We are actually getting rid of cable because everything we watch is on local channels and we can either watch that using a digital antenna or catch it online later. Allan will have to give up G4 but with as many hours as he plays video games he can do without his shows that do nothing but talk about video games and electronics.