Tuesday, January 29, 2013

six random things...

  • i ran my first 20 miler on saturday [2 mile warm up, hot chocolate 10k, ran back to my car, then did the rest on the treadmill] and it went surprisingly well. i thought for sure i'd hit the wall because i ran the 10k faster than i should have, but i didn't. now i'm wondering if it's because i didn't run it all together? there was about a 30-45 minute break in between me running outside and running inside.
  • today was my first run since saturday and i had no idea how dead my legs were! they aren't sore but they have no energy!
  • since i've run out of netflix episodes of gossip girl i've had to find another form of entertainment for the treadmill... and now i'm addicted to sons of anarchy. with gossip girl at least i just watched while i was on the treadmill, now i'm watching SOA episodes every chance i get. MUST STOP. 
  • brad and i have also started trying to catch up on homeland. so every night we watch one or two episodes before we go to bed. it's an exciting life we lead. 
  • the weather here today is amazing. i actually washed my car and 'cleaned up' after riley just to have something to do outside. 
  • then i did some crafting for february:

do you like to make stuff?

is there a tv show you're addicted to?


  1. I do like making stuff, but I never think to do it. Love your crafty Valentines inspired stuff.

    Great job on your 20, I bet breaking it up a bit did help, but 20 is still 20!

  2. Yay on 20miles!! When is your first marathon?

    I love your february stuff!! So pretty! Im a crafter. Sewing is my thing. Im obsessed with sewing when my chicklets let me. I have been dying to make a wreath from pinterest though!

  3. You did great with your 20 miler! I'm impressed that you came back and finished it on the treadmill. That's tough. Your Valentine's wreath is really cute. You're very crafty!

  4. I love Homeland! Definitely one of "my shows". My other shows are Dexter, American Horror Story, True Blood, and Glee. I also have a rule that I will not start watching a new show until it's survived it's first season. I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix while I'm on the treadmill. I really like it!

  5. Wow so impressed with your 20 miler:) I would look forward to scooping poop if the sun would just come out:) Did you seriously do the chalkboard writing?! That is so cute:) Love the wreath:) I like to do crafty things but haven't had time lately.

  6. I'm trying to sort through what I'm more impressed with, the door decoration or the 20 miles. I'm so jealous of crafty people. I would LOVE to be able to walk in a craft store and just pull things off the shelves and put together something pretty like that. It's PRETTY!!

  7. I love your decorations. I wish I was more crafty. We are watching Friday Night Lights, a friend let me borrow all 5 seasons. We can't stop watching. Have you watched Breaking Bad or One Tree Hill, those are two of our faves..

  8. I scrapbook but that's the extent of my making stuff. I am new to The Biggest Loser and totally addicted!

  9. I'd think it might be even MORE difficult doing 20 miles when you break it up that way, because of the time in between distances. I think you did a wonderful job and you should be really proud of yourself. It's inspirational.
    I'm supposed to be training for my 5th half marathon right now, but I've had setback after setback and I'm at a point where I just want to cry and give up. I can't though- I know that I'm not a quitter and quitting I'll be even more mad at myself. I have to try. People like you make me want to keep going, because you also push yourself to limits you never thought you'd cross.