Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tsali Frosty Foot 30K in Pictures

I rounded up some pictures today and a couple of them are total comedic gems... These first two aren't bad and I actually really like the second one:

Brad took this next one as I was coming in, the race photographer must have missed me (probably got tired of waiting!):
You can kind of see the mess you had to run through that I was complaining about yesterday.

These last two make me laugh, but there is a story behind them! I was coming up on a guy and he started walking up the hill that the photographer was sitting on top of. So I was acting like a spaz and asked the photographer if you could photoshop us to make it look like we were running. This is what he got:

Too funny! PS the images with PROOF on them are from the race photographer, Christopher Graphics.


  1. lol love the photos! You look like you're enjoying yourself... which is hard to do running that distance on a trail!

  2. You look blissfully happy in these pictures! Great race photos Courtney!

  3. Awesome photos Courtney! I think you should have them printed :)

  4. I love a trail race and it looks so pretty out there! Must have been warm too in a t-shirt! Well done!!

  5. Awesome photos!! What pretty scenery!!

  6. Love seeing the trail run pics, and really Love the shirt, hopefully we will see you again this year!