Sunday, February 3, 2013

rearview mirror:::: january 2013

i finished january with 137 miles. that's the most i've ever ran in a month! i ran my first 30k, my first 20 miler, and ran a new PR for the 10k

i've been very happy with my marathon training so far. i can't believe i only have a month left. i've missed a run here and there, but i've hit all my long runs, and even hit a little higher mileage earlier than what was on the plan [which allowed me to put in a second 20 miler, which i'm happy about]. 

weight training::::
i miss this... a lot. i made the decision to run this marathon back in the summer, before i started training with fitness poynters. it's really important to me and i want to see it through, but i do miss feeling strong  and toned. i know running burns calories, but for me and my body, i think lifting makes me feel better and gives me better results for my time. unfortunately i haven't figured out to manage my time enough that i can do both.

i finished the matched series by ally condie. it was okay, passed the time and attaches you to the characters like most series do, but it wasn't a must read.
i started reading ulysses by james joyce, to get a start on one of my 2013 goals, and it might not have been the best choice, but i'm trying to get into it.

as far as Bible reading goes, i'm in isaiah now and i'm doing pretty well at studying beth moore's 'john.' the only problem is that i'm working in it when i'd normally been just reading the Bible, so my Bible progress has slowed.

2013 goals::::
i crossed off one thing here this month when i completed my 30k for my 30th birthday. i came thisclose to getting my sub hour 10k, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right?

i'm doing terribly with the computer time goal, which may have been a 'bit' unrealistic. i did deactivate my FB profile halfway through the month to see if that helped, and while it did, it hasn't made as much of a difference as i'd hoped.

brad and i went to a new connect group at church last sunday and again today. we really like it so far and i hope we can continue to attend and make new friends!

january was a difficult month, for all the usual reasons plus some. i always fight the urge to get depressed in january, i think it's a combination of the holidays being over and the weather. the holidays are so busy, we're usually surrounded by family, have all the happy decorations up, then you have to take it all down and everyone goes back home... it can get depressing!


  1. Great mileage for January! I have yet to reach a 100 mile month, maybe one day!

  2. Awesome miles!! I feel the same way about January. I keep telling myself that I am resting up for Spring!

  3. Wowza on the miles. I ran 0 :(
    January was not a great month for me. I am hoping that February and March improve, I begin running again and I know that is going to improve my months for me.

  4. i still haven't started 2nd book in series... i just love series due to growing attached to characters.

    I feel ya about january, i seriously don't know how the people who live in MN or the Dakotas and such deal with it for many many months!

  5. Ugh January... it really is a somber month. Plus it's just plain gloomy. If I don't keep up with my vitamin D then I'm miserable.

    Wtg on your running!! I wish I could do more run training but I just can't set aside the strength training. I guess we make the most of our goals to achieve them! You're doing awesome!!

  6. You rocked the miles Courtney! WTG! Ugh January! I can't seem to shake the gloominess I'm feeling. I seriously think it's seasonal affect disorder.

  7. January is always a rough month for me too. With my birthday in December it makes me really feel as though there's nothing to look forward to once January rolls around.

    I'm so impressed with your mileage for January! You killed it!