Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fun

Today was a catch up day! I had planned to get up early to go to yoga but I hit my snooze button about 14 too many times for that to happen. Which stinks because my body needed it. But I guess it needed sleep too.

I did make it to my hair appointment though, want to see a pretty picture?
Me in my no makeup, foil mohawk glory. You're welcome for that!

Then Rileybear and I had to go to the vet for his annual appointment. He was such a sweet boy, got 3 injections like a champ and another vaccination in his nose. Poor guy. Thankfully two of the vaccinations will cover him for three years.

I had to run a few more errands and pay some bills, then I got some organizing done around the house. When I'm stressed it helps to me to organize or clean [makes me feel like I have some control]. I'm not stressed in a bad way if that even makes sense, just have some stuff going on.

One of the things I'm stressed about is my 30k on Sunday. Thankfully the weather is supposed to be really nice. This will be the furthest I've ever ran, plus it's a trail race so that'll be another challenge. I'm trying to decide what to do as far as hydration is concerned. I could use a handheld or my Camelbak. Who knows, but I'm pretty sure it'll turn out okay either way.

If you all don't here from me on Monday or Tuesday I'm probably laying out on the trails somewhere! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


  1. Yay for getting things done!! I just highlighted my hair for the new year, second time ever. Always a boring experience lol. Such a good furbaby too.

    Good luck on your race today! Im sure you'll do great. Races always end up being more intimdating to start. Go rock that run!

  2. Good luck on your 30k. You will rock it out!

  3. Good luck Courtney! That reminds me, I need to take Adrain for her shots:) Thanks!

  4. Good Luck on your 30k, you will be great!

  5. Glad Riley did so good at the vet! Congrats on the 30K!

  6. So how did it go? Did you use the handheld or camelback? Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Hope it went well Courtney!