Friday, January 4, 2013

Second Annual Sock Swap Round Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years sock swap! In this post I've tried to link to everyone who posted their gifts. If you post later or if I've missed you, please let me know in the comments and I'll add you!

Breaking My Runners In
Crazy Running Girl
Running With Whit
My Dirt Road Anthem (i shipped to her!)
Just Jen
Livin A Little Life
Joyful Shimmy
Mel Runs The World
My First 5K
She Runs Everywhere

And here's what I got from Christa:
Those bottles are maple syrup! I thought that was so cute since Christa's from Vermont! Thank you Christa, I love my goodies, and can't wait to wear the adorable socks for a Christmas race!

I hope you all enjoyed the sock swap, thanks for participating!! If you have any comments/complaints/suggestions please send them my way. I don't get offended easily and am certainly open to suggestions on how to make this swap better! Are you all interested in having another one for another holiday? Maybe St. Patricks or Valentines? Let me know!


  1. Sent my socks but no socks for me:( That's my only complaint. Great idea though!

  2. Awwww, this is such a great idea -- super sweet!! If I wasn't so difficult to shop for I'd totally do it!! No sugar, soy, dairy, gluten etc. just seems to take the fun out of it, doesn't it? bwahaha!!

  3. I loved looking at all the links and socks! I don't think I saw any two pairs. I did see plenty that I bought for myself....little sock addict that I am :)

    Thanks for hosting this, it was a great success!!

  4. I just got my socks in the mail yesterday! Big thanks to my sock buddy because she majorly spoiled me. Here's my link!

  5. This was so fun, I would love to do another. Thanks for hosting a fun exchange!

  6. I didn't participate in this one (I must have missed it!) but I would be interested in joining one in the future!

  7. You got some nice goodies from Christa! I'd love to participate in another one for Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day.