Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just A Quick Rant...

Okay, I just have to get this off my chest. If you'd like to keep thinking I'm a sweet, nice person, please skip this post.

Let me preface this rant with a few comments. I have nothing against Zumba. My mom loves it, does it about 3 times a week, and has lost about 30 lbs. I've taken several classes and have always enjoyed myself. Will I keep taking Zumba classes here and there? YES. Do I feel like I get a great workout? No. Do I think it's better than sitting on the couch? Of course. If Zumba makes you enjoy working out, I think that's great.

But there are a few things that I think aren't great... So I'd like to share my open letter to the Zumba'ers (They probably have some cool name for themselves but I'm not cool so I don't know it)

Quit bee boppin' all over the gym in your 'zumba gear'. Go to the studio, zumba, then leave. Don't run in and out of the studio fifty 'leven times prancing in front of all of us sweating it out in misery on the treadmills.

I respect that you are here to work out, please respect that I am also trying to work out. Don't stand 2 inches away from my treadmill and have loud and lengthy discussions about the new routine or your new outfit. I don't come in the studio and make you listen to me talk about my Garmin or my new Mizuno's.

Do you really need to wear these kind of shoes? I would think the best part of Zumba would be picking out some hot, bright Nikes. Clue number 1 that you're taking this way too seriously.
And lastly, don't diss those of us who like to sweat and don't point our toes and live up to your serious Zumba standards.  Because news flash, we aren't trying out for So You Think You Can Dance. And some of us sweat when we work out. This whole rant came about because of this one snooty girl. About 20 of us had just finished a pump class and we're putting up our weights and stuff. People start coming in for the next class (ZUMBA) and this girl (who I could break in half and seriously considered doing so) says, "Ugh I just LOVE how this room always smells after that class." Get over yourself.

** FYI, if you're a new reader, please come back tomorrow. I'll make sure I eat some chocolate and put my nice face on.


  1. Love this post -- keep it fresh girl, I love the spice!

  2. "How rude!!"( Stephanie Tanner voice)

  3. Of the Zumba girl of course ;)

  4. okay this is absolutely hysterical. i know NOTHING about zumba and avoid it at all costs...i think this just confirmed my choices. haha!

  5. hahahaha i love this post, like seriously am falling on the floor laughing. I have never done it but I always wondered why the instructor wore just funny looking clothing, apparently its the thing!