Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady Distance Classic 10K: Blue Ash, Ohio

We were in the OH this weekend for a wedding and to visit with Brad's parents. I hadn't raced in a while and had a 6 mile LR scheduled for Saturday, so I thought I'd check to see what the racing scene looked like. I found the Lady Distance Classic 5K/10K in Blue Ash which is about 15-20 minutes from where Brad's parents live.
I signed up for the 10K and went into it not expecting a lot [main goal being get the 6 miles done]. It was my first women's only event and it was awesome!

I foam rolled, stretched, and hydrated like it was my job on Friday. We arrived a little later than expected, so Brad's mom picked up my packet from Fleet Feet. We got these super cute lime green Brooks tech shirts:
I layed out my clothes and got in bed early for my 6am wake up call.
Yes I'm charging my Garmin in my gym bag. [I'm what some people might call absent minded, so I have to plan ahead]. I was also way more nervous than usual because Brad and his parents were coming the the race. I've never had "fans" before. Kinda cool, but very nerve-wracking.

We arrived around 630am for a 715am start. I stretched and hit up the porto's.

 Brad was my official race photographer. Here's me walking back from the bathrooms. Niiiice action shot.
 All women event = must have lots of bathrooms
I was amazed at how many women were in this race. There was a 5K and 10K, with running and walking divisions in both. We started promply at 715am.

Can you spot me? Cheesing like a fool. [Easy to do when you're only 2/10ths in] I spent the first two miles trying to make myself slow down. My pace has been way off in races (apparently I think I'm fast when surrounded by other runners) and I've been wearing myself out. I saw the fam around mile 3.

 I'm holding a pack of shot blocks because I'm not smart and didn't realize I had no pockets. They started in my waistband but that lasted about a half a mile before they were sliding into my sweaty capris.
 Best race picture ever. I was really wanting to go left with the 5K'ers.

Running from the POlice.

Saw them again around mile 4.

I took shot blocks and mile 3 and again at mile 5.5ish [water stations]. Part of the course was through a neighborhood around a golf course. Some of the people had set up sprinklers for us to run through (THANK YOU!). There was a good downhill part through mile 5 and then I'll be darned if there wasn't a big @ss mountain hill at 5.5. Rude.

Finally finished with a time of 1:09:21 (11:11 pace). I placed 270th out of 388 10K runners and 27th out of 40 in my age group.

 After the race we went to the festival. We got a lot of free stuff and there were a ton of booths. However the first both was a free bottle of Mr. Clean. Kinda funny. I told Brad it was for him :)

There were massages, PT's doing stretching and injury screenings, all kinds of snacks and food, powerade, flowers, smoothies, and... A DIY SNO CONE STATION. Shut the front door. Don't get me wrong, I love me some fro-yo. But I LOVE tiger's blood sno-cones and I never get them.

Happiest girl in the world. I didn't want to embarrass my inlaws, so I only got one. Apparently double fisting sno-cones is not becoming.

Then we went home to rest up for the wedding. Riley bear was especially tired.
I thought this race was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was great, very 'I am woman hear me roar'. There were a fair amount of spectators and that made it fun as well. I would recommend this race to anyone and would love to run it again.

Oh and I also got a small PR, but a PR none the less.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. A PR is a PR girl...CONGRATS. you seriously look too cute in all these race photos! and by cute...i mean gorgeous! teach me your ways :) i love all the photos that your fam got! so fun! and it must have been awesome to be able to see themm so much on the course. i can relate in that I normally do not have fans so any time my fam is there i feel extra anxious :) but also excited! i am also a fan of finding races to take the place of my training runs...just makes sense! i am doing my first all-women's run here in a couple weeks and reading this definitely got me pumped for it...I think it is going to be a blast!!

    OH and PLEASEEEEEE run derby?????

  2. Nice work!! Ladies races are pretty nice, we have the Tufts 10k in October that is primarily women and it is nice to not have speedy men knocking you over as you try to keep your cool!!

  3. Good Job!! I like the shirt too :) It's cool that you had "fans" at the race, it's always more interesting when you have someone there to support you.

  4. Heck yes for a PR!!!! That's awesome!!! I love how you did all the work that day and your dog is the one worn out. My dogs are the same. :) I can't wait to be running a 10k again. :)