Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Triathlon Wednesday

Wednesday Brad and I were both off together all day (this hardly ever happens!), so I do what I always do and jam as much stuff as possible into one day. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this? It's kind of annoying sometimes because I spend my whole day off running around like a banshee, but this day was pretty perfect.

First we loaded up our bikes and went to a little more challenging mountain bike trail. We've only been on the baby trails so far. We biked about 5 miles and neither of us died. So I'm calling it a win.
PS - I got those sunglasses for 4.97!!!

Isn't it beautiful? I run here a lot too. It's really relaxing (until a biker runs you over).

Then we came home to do laundry, eat and run some pre-vacation errands.

Then we went to the gym, both ran 3 miles, then swam laps in the pool! This was the first time I've used the pool in our gym. It's got three lanes and I'm not sure how long it is (TWSS). It was so much fun! It was really nice to feel like I was getting a good arm workout and also felt great to be off my feet. Must do this more often!!!


  1. those glasses are hot!!! For $5 I definitely want a pair! Walmart?!?!

  2. 5 miles of mountain biking is hardcore. The most I've done is about 2.5 miles. It's so much fun but really hard, atleast for me. My bf has really gotten into it in the last few months. Once it gets cooler I want to try a harder trail.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am so so excited to have found yours. Those sunglasses are awesome and the pictures are amazing! Enjoy your vacation girl.

  4. That sounds like an awesome day! Also those are sweet sunglasses, especially since they were $4.97!

  5. okay i am jealous that sounds like a wonderful day!! 5 bucks, seriously why do i find ones that are super expensive or look goofy on my abnormal shaped head!