Monday, July 4, 2011

Why I moved to Asheville

A question that I get constantly is, "Why did you move to Asheville?"

It makes sense. I was born (well not really, my parents lived in KY but my momma actually worked at a hospital in VA so that's where I was born) and raised in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. Very, very close to the Cumberland Gap area, where Daniel Boone explored the Wilderness Trail. If you know me in real life, I talk about my love for KY constantly (it's pretty annoying, I'm sure). When it came time for me to go to college, I chose the University of Kentucky in Lexington (well that and they gave me a free ride).

North Carolina was always this place of intrigue for me. To be honest (revealing my complete ridiculousness), I had this fairy tale idea of life in a small NC beach town thanks to Nicholas Sparks. (You know, because if it's in a fiction book it's true...) I expected to move and have this guy knocking on my door asking if I needed help remodeling my dilapidated house that I bought for next to nothing.
What, don't tell me you never thought that. Damn you Nicholas Sparks and your books that are kind of all the same but I can't not read (and cry) every time. I digress. 

I met my Noah Calhoun during my second year of pharmacy school and as we started to get more serious we began talking about where we'd like to live eventually. I shared my dream of living in NC, and amazingly enough, B-rad had always been interested in it as well! As we began researching, I realized that the costal area of NC is 8-9+ hours from my parents home in KY. That just wasn't going to cut it.

So we started looking at other areas and Asheville just kept coming up. We visited the area in December 2008 and LOVED it. We made plans to move right after graduation. We visited one more time (another long weekend) to find a place to live, then we moved down in June 2009. We lived in an apartment for a while, then bought our first home in October 2009.

My family and friends are what I miss most about KY. If they were here I'd never consider leaving. My family is about 2 hours away and Brad's is about 6-7.

Where do you live?
Do you miss where you grew up/family?

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