Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Firecracker 5K/10K Brevard, NC

Yesterday I ran the 16th annual Firecracker 10K in Brevard, North Carolina. Brevard is about 45 minutes south of Asheville. The race was scheduled to start at 8am, with check in beginning at 630am.

I arrived downtown around 7 and found a place to park. The streets were blocked off for the 39th Annual Fine Arts and Crafts Showcase. I ended up parking completely across town from the start line. Whoops. It was a great warm up at least.

I got to wear my brand new American Flag Active Band!

Pardon that horrible picture! But let me just tell you, this is the first band I've ever worn that I did not have to adjust or even think about during the whole race. It was AMAZING. I didn't have to worry about my silly frizz ball hair, leaving me plenty of time to concentrate on not being last running. If you haven't ordered a band from them, you should go check them out now! They always have great deals and coupons on their blog too! I got this 4th of July band for free when I ordered my other band last week.
Aren't they cute? I may or may not have copied http://painprideperseverance.blogspot.com/ Sorry Julia, you have good taste!

The race check in was simple enough. They had booths set up and the volunteers were very helpful.

I picked up my packet and my chip.

I've never used the type of chip that they used. You had to wear it around your ankle, more on that later, but here's a pic.

You should be very jealous of my tan.

The 5K and 10K used the same start and finish lines, but the 10K runners started first. Which made sense in theory, but it also kinda sucked. Sucked in the sense that I don't like being passed, and all these people were passing me and I had no idea if they were 5K or 10K. My first mile was in 9:09. What the... I have no sense of pace whatsoever. I need to start paying more attention. I get so excited when I'm racing that I run too fast and wear myself out.

When the 5K split from the 10K I definitely considered taking the 5K route. I was on track for a PR. But I kept telling myself that I've never ran a 10K so I was gonna get a PR either way :) I was super bummed after we split when I realized not many people were following me. I was way in the back... And there were mountains... And that darn chip was rubbing my ankle like crazy.

But I sucked it up... And I finished my first 10K!!! 

My chip time was 1:09:33, which was weird because my Garmin was at 1:09 when I realized I hadn't turned it off (and I had drank two cups of water and a handful of grapes by then). But who knows.

What's important is that I did it!
I didn't get to check out the festival, I had to get home and get ready for work. But I had a little time to try out my new 2XU compression calf guards.
They make my legs feel amazing. Seriously, like a hug for your calves.Now I just need a full body suit. Or these. My thighs could use hugs as well!

Did you run a 4th of July race?
Have any new gear that you're loving?

God Bless our troops and God Bless America!!!

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  1. I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear I googled your blog name like 1000 times in the past 2 weeks with NO luck but SO GLAD that I finally must have done something right because here I am! woo hoo! thanks for the shout out! love it. those are 2 of my absolute most favorite active bands. BEST EVER!

    ummm. love that you were raised in KY. woo hoo! me too :) I also worked in Zirconia, NC one summer which I think may be near Brevard and totally visited Asheville many times. Ummm and you went to UK???? so crazy. I am a UL fan but I can let it slide. I went to Centre! okayyyy. we already have so much in common obviously ;)

    you are awesome. already love your blog. and you rocked your first 10k!!!! congrats girl! can't wait to read more from you :)