Friday, July 15, 2011

brown dog photography

**Warning-- this post has absolutely nothing to do with running and it is long and full of pics**

So there's something I've been wanting to share with you all but I haven't had the time to sit down and type it up and dig through the files (figuratively). I really, really, really love photography. It's been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember (I know you've noticed my talent for crappy iPhone photography that I showcase on the regular).

B-rad has been my number one supporter, encouraging me at every turn to take myself more seriously and to put more time into it (don't tell him but it's one of the many reasons that I think he's pretty awesome).

The first time I took pictures for someone other than family was about this time last year. My friend Aimee had just adopted a new greyhound, Sadie, and she asked me to come get some pics of her. I was ecstatic! Here are some of my favorites from that day:

Shortly thereafter, Aimee started working with a local animal rescue group, Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR). CAAR pulls dogs and cats from a high kill shelter and finds a safe rescue for them. Long story short, we also started fostering for them, and then (after Aimee suggested it) I started taking pictures of the dogs for them to use on Facebook and to send to potential rescues.

 This is a Plott Hound (the NC state dog, who knew?) named Lila. She went to WAGS rescue.

This is Remsen, a boxer mix. I wanted to adopt him so bad and we almost fostered him. Unfortunately we do not have a fenced in yard, so Brad had to talk some sense into me. I may have cried a little when I realized he was right. He was rescued by Lucky Dog Rescue in DC.

This is Aimee's newest addition, Javier. Isn't he gorgeous? She was fostering him for a greyhound rescue but ended up keeping him. I completely understand why, he's perfect!!

I have met some great people through CAAR, one of which is an amazing local photographer, Kaelee. She contacted me a while back and asked me to 'second shoot' a June wedding with her. It. was. so. much. fun. She'll be sending me the pics soon and I can't wait to see them and share with you all.

So anyways, this is my other hobby. If you'd like you can check out Brown Dog Photography's Facebook page. I post all the rescue dogs there.

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