Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Freedom

I finally had some time off today. I've worked so many 12 hour days in a row that working 8-4 seemed like a piece of cake. Brad and I went to see Friends with Benefits after I got to leave that silly, silly place.

I thought it was really cute and very funny. We were late getting there (I thought it started 10 minutes later than it actually did, whooops) so we missed the previews [i get really peeved when we miss previews because I love 'em] and the very beginning of the movie [dislike]. I LOVE Mila Kunis. She is so freaking skinny, but I still love her. She and JT had great chemistry, and they were really funny together. I was surprised.

Then we went to the gym, I had an easy four miler. I tried increasing the incline on the TM to make it more difficult and hopefully help it translate to running outdoors. It went really well, but when I stopped I felt like my right leg was really tense. I spent a lot of time stretching and using the foam roller [not that I really know how]... and it feels better now.

Oh yeah, and on the way to the gym, we saw a beautiful double rainbow. And guess who didn't have her camera. That'd be this girl. It was really awesome, people were pulling off the road to take pictures. I've never seen one so bright. Our God is truly amazing.


  1. i really want to see that movie now! everyone keeps posting about it! haha.

    i also always feel like I have no idea what I am doing with a foam roller but at least I normally feel better after...gotta be doing something right :)

    have a good day!

  2. We went to watch Friend with Benefits too and I thought it was cute. I Mila Kunis a lot, especially since Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She is funny and seems down to earth.