Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I used my camera in the locker room at the gym... Such a rebel.

I'm trying out some color today. We'll see if it's readable.

Today was my first day off in a week and I was determined to milk to for all it's worth. Let me be very clear, I LOVE to sleep. LOVE IT. But I really hate getting up and feeling like so much of the day is gone. So I got up at 8am (still later than I normally get up) and headed to the Rush. Does this mean I'm officially old?

I had 4 miles of speedwork today, and to be honest, I didn't exactly know what that meant. So I just ran a mile warm up, then worked the speed up and down the rest of the time. Intervals? ish?

Obviously at some point someone ran by me and tossed a bucket of water over my head... Because there is no way one person could produce that much sweat in 40 minutes. It was way more gross than normal. And by normal I mean normal for me and other cool people... Like hookers in church I believe the saying goes.

And just a quick tangent, I ordered some more Active Bands and I'm stalking the mailman until they come.

Then I ran home, showered and went to get my hair done. I was trying someone new so I was a little nervous. But she was AWESOME and I loved what she did. Rebecca at Asheville Hair Design if anyone around here is looking for someone. She listened to what I wanted and then did it. Crazy right?

So happy that worked out. By this point I was starving and I knew just what I wanted to eat:  Panera. 
Delicious, but not as much food as I needed  wanted. So now it's 2 hours later and I'm hungry again. Maybe some fro-yo in my near future...

Tell me about your worst hair disaster... I had one lady in Lexington turn my hair CAMO GREEN not attractive, let me tell you.


  1. your hair looks so great!!!! omg. and i just got way too jealous of that panera. ahhhhhhh. i cannot even wait to be able to eat there.

    worst hair experience was in danville. yeah...why did i even try??

    great run by the way! i sweat like that all the time too :)

  2. Your hair looks cute!!
    My worst hair experience is when I wanted to go lighter and the hair dresser burned my skull with the bleach. It was horrible and it hurt to comb that part for weeks!!! Oh and the color didn't look so great, I ended up coloring it brown to cover it up.