Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look at me now! I won a Road ID

Katie over at Katie Thinks had an awesome giveaway a while back for a free Road ID. She emailed me last week and let me know that I had won! Sidenote: She and I went to high school together, go check out her blog, she has great recipes and reviews!

I wasted no time designing my Road ID, I've wanted one of these for awhile. After much debate (couldn't decide between the wrist slim or wrist elite) I chose the wrist elite.

I freaking love it (I've worn it all around the house tonight and B-rad is hardcore teasing me... Jealous). It is one size fits all (you cut the strap to adjust) and it's super easy to snap on and off.

I have been super impressed by the company, their quality product, and their great customer service. Every email I get is so personal and laid back. It seems like they really love their job. It's just refreshing. Plus they donate a portion of the sale to a charity, and they let you choose which one.

I put my name, location (this was recommended but I'm not positive how it would help...), B's phone number, mom & dad's number, NKDA (no know drug allergies), MVP (most valuable... just kidding, it's mitral valve prolapse, this thing with my heart), and then on the last line you can put a slogan or motto. I debated between bible verses, song lyrics, etc. Finally I chose Be strong, believe. I don't know if you all listen to Yellowcard or not, but it's from one of their songs. It's a tribute to 9/11 and it's a really great song to run to. At one point I wanted a tattoo of this phrase, but I'm so wishy washy, making a decision like that would be crazy. I change my mind every 3.2342 seconds. Wow what a tangent.

Anyways, Road ID sent me this so I thought I'd share it with you all and you can pass it along to anyone who might use it. It's a coupon for $1 off: ThanksCourtney8155711 (it can be used by up to 20 peeps!).

Do you wear identification when you run/bike/hike?

What's your favorite song to run to right now? be strong believe is my all time favorite, but at the moment i'm loving superbass by nicki minaj!


  1. yay!!! so jealous of your RoadID!!! I do not wear any identification which I do not like...but I worry about getting the ID because I know I will be moving soon and I have heard it is better to have all your info right there on the bracelet rather than having a website where people have to spend time looking up more info! So I am definitely torn at this point. Love the inspirational line you put on yours!

  2. Super jealous!! I've always wanted a RoadID!

    I have tried to get fit several times before, and James has never been on board with me until now. He always supported me in what I was doing, but he definitely never joined in. I was successful on my own {so you can do it!!}, but it is a bit more of a challenge trying to do it by yourself. I know you can though!!

  3. Hey! I've been using MFP since April. I really like it, and the app is awesome as well!

    Have you considered setting your options to where people can directly reply to your comments via email? Have no idea what I'm talking about? Haha. I did a post about it, and it helped out a few people. It makes it easier to carry on conversations and reply to comments. By no means am I bossing you around and telling you to do it {lol}. but I just figured I'd show you the post in case you weren't aware. :)