Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i love a good mail day!

doesn't everyone love getting mail? i always looked forward to holidays when i was away at school because my mom sent the BEST care packages. i even dreaded finals a little less because our church sent us boxes full of candy and treats! 

anyways, i've had a couple of good mail days and i wanted to share and say thanks! 

i joined lisa's healthy valentine's exchange and received a bunch of goodies from larry. 
lock laces, nathan reflective bracelets, body glide and chocolate! larry i hope you see this thank you and let me know if you have a blog, i'd love to check it out!

this showed up a week or so ago and i was so excited!  i shared it on instagram [courtlauren05] but i forgot to share it with you all. rnr gives you heavy medals if you complete more than one race in a year. i did two so i earned this one.

i won a giveaway on neon blonde runner's website a few weeks ago so i was thrilled when these showed up:

i love them, thanks katherine [and sunglasses shop]!

last but not least, today i received some more lock laces!

how did i get them? you AUTOMATICALLY get a pair when you sign up for amanda's spring bootie buster challenge! how great is that? i'm so excited to put these in my wave riders! thanks amanda! the challenge starts march 4th [i'm using it to make sure i stay active post marathon!]. i've done two of amanda's challenges previously and i HIGHLY recommend them!
sign up here!!!


  1. wow you have had some great mail success!!! I'll send you an email with larry's info so you can thank him incase he doesn't see your post ;)

  2. I love getting things in the mail. I did one rnr race last year and I have one thing year, apparently I need to find a second one so I can get one of those!!

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  4. Courtney,

    I'm glad you enjoyed your package. I really like the calve sleeve you sent me! I haven't used one yet but it's been on my short list of running related things to get. I have an 8 mile run scheduled for Saturday and will definitely be trying it out after that!

    Thanks again Lisa for setting this up. Such a cool idea!

  5. Getting things in the mail is so much fun. It's like Christmas. haha. I love the Sunglasses!
    I had forgotten about the Spring Bootie Buster, I'm going to sign up too. Thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Oohhh such a lovely mail day!!!! I love the sunglasses! I will have to check out the challenge I need something new to do to keep me going.

  7. heck yes that was a fantastic mail day!!! You have 1 referral already too!

  8. That is a great mail day!! You'll have to let me know what you think of the Lock Laces. I've only used Yankz before so I'm curious as to how you like these!

  9. So exciting!! I love it all! :)