Wednesday, February 20, 2013

free glasses from

about a month ago antonio with got in contact with me about reviewing some eye glasses and sharing a little about their program with you all. i've been wearing glasses/contact since i was in middle school and let me tell you one thing about prescription glasses... they're EXPENSIVE!

from what i read on their website, their main goal is to provide quality glasses at an affordable price. they also have a great 'try-on' app that allows you to upload a picture of yourself to see how different styles will fit your face.

i was looking for a larger frame because my other pair of glasses have a smaller frame and while they're cute, it drives me crazy to have to move my head around all the time to see. here's the pair i chose:
i liked the classic wayfarer frame and blue is my favorite color, so i thought they'd be perfect. i did have to get my eyeglasses prescription from my doctor and luckily it wasn't a hassle. i swear some places act like you HAVE to buy glasses from them and only them. my prescription didn't include a PD (pupil distance) though, so I just got out a measuring tape and did it myself.

my new glasses showed up in about a week and they came with two really nice cases and a cleaning cloth.

i was really pleased with the frames, they're a little nerdy/hipster-ish but i like them. and they fit my face perfectly!

and lucky for me they came just in time to give me a second pair of glasses to wear during the shingles [couldn't wear my contacts since it was in my eye].

love the frames
they fit great
quick shipping
great quality
easy to clean lenses
great cases

i'd say my only dislike was some of the language/grammar on the website. some of the sentences don't make a lot of sense. basically, they could use some help to make their programs [which from what i can tell are great] a little easier to understand.

if you wear glasses i'd recommend you check out, i was really pleased with the product i received. they even have a first pair free program, where you only pay shipping!

do you have to wear glasses or contacts?
when did you have to start wearing them?

disclaimer:::: i was contacted by and was given a free pair of glasses in exchange for my honest review. all opinions are my own. 


  1. Those are cool looking shades. It's funny you mention hipsters. I sometimes feel like I dress like one. I'm sure I'm just imagining things. Maybe. HA!

  2. I don't wear glasses, sometimes I wish I did when I see super cute ones like those on you. I am sure it will catch up with me eventually and I will have to wear them.

  3. Nice choice! Its thick and wide frames complement the shape of your face. And despite the frames, I assure you that you don’t look like a hipster. Haha! Although, it did made you look classy, intellectual, and cool at the same time. Cheers to that!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes