Sunday, February 17, 2013

shingles rears its ugly head again

after my last 20 miler it took me the whole week to get back to normal. my legs felt really dead and i muddled through my runs for that week. so i wasn't surprised on tuesday when my five miler felt like a fifteen miler.

wednesday i woke up and noticed a little scratch near my right eye. this wouldn't normally cause me any alarm, but last year i had shingles in the exact same place.... and it sidelined me for almost a month. so what did i do? i ignored it. went to work. came home to run my 8 miler. 

it was doomed from the start. i was dizzy. disorientated. had no energy at all. i walked a lot and finished stopped after five. you've gotta be kidding me. yeah, my day of denial was over. i have shingles. 

thank God my only symptoms [other than the awesome blisters on my face] have been flu-like symptoms but they've seemed to pass pretty quickly. last time i didn't feel bad, but my rash was bigger and i had HORRIBLE neck pain. i'm so thankful that this seems to be a lighter case. the scariest part though is that this time it's actually in my eye too. my eye doctor checked everything out on friday and  said that it isn't in my cornea [which can apparently cause vision loss], i just have to use some drops and leave my contacts out for a while. 
see, not so bad! [ps i'll have a review on my glasses later this week, i got them free from firmoo!]

saturday i was able to get through my last long run before the marathon [12 miles], which i was so  thankful for. i took thursday and friday off after my horrible wednesday run [so i ended up being 7 miles short this week] so it was really important for me to finish this run. i am a big fan of the saying 'trust your training.' i can't trust my training if i don't follow the training plan. this close to the marathon, it was a big deal for my mental game to finish this run. 

now it's taper time. my longest run next week is 8 miles. and two weeks from today, i'll be running my first full marathon. i cannot believe it's almost here. it seems like a long time coming. 

and some fun news for you all, expect some fun giveaways the week leading up to my race! i'll be sharing some of my favorites with you all!


  1. oh no with shingles. I've had it a whopping 3x this year, super painful. Hope yours go away soon :)

  2. I hate that you have to deal with this again! I had an insane case of the shingles 2 years ago, the doctor and intern at the hospital said it was one of the worst they had ever seen. Went from my left butt cheek, around to the front left side where my belly button was, all the way down my left leg, almost to my knee. I feel for anyone who has it, it's just AWFUL! They say though that when it comes back that it's not as bad as the first time so I hope yours clears up soon! You have a MARATHON to run friend ! :)

  3. OH NO!! I've never had shingles, I can't imagine how yucky you feel! Get better quickly!!

  4. I am so surprised - I always thought that shingles only attacked older people. So sorry you are suffering through this. I do hope it doesn't last long.

    I know that the virus comes from herpes/chicken pox but what triggers it? Anything you can do to prevent it? I know there is a shot that people over 60 can have but what about youngsters like you?

  5. Oh no shingles! Hope you get rid of that soon!

  6. oh gosh! I'm sorry to hear about this. Hope you feel better very very soon!
    Take it easy, and happy tapering - eeeek!! Exciting!

  7. Yikes! I'm so sorry your have the shingles! I have a patient that had shingles so bad on his face that he had migraines from it for 9 years! He just had some crazy brain surgery to fix it. I hope you get better soon!

  8. Hope you're doing better and the shingles aren't bothering you anymore!