Tuesday, February 5, 2013

working for the weekend... and the spring bootie buster challenge

friday i'm going to knoxville so that i can run the strawberry plains half marathon on saturday morning. i ran this race last year and it was a pretty good time. it's a small race that's mostly out in the country, but i liked it. i'm excited to get my first medal of 2013!

saturday is also my second and last 20 miler before the biltmore marathon. i need your all's advice... do i run some before and some after the race, all before, or all after? i'm not sure which would serve me best, but i'm really looking forward to it!

today i ran 5 miles for mommy run fast's 5 by the 5th. i took it really slow since this is a high mileage week for me. 40 miles, eeeeek!

have you all seen that amanda [run to the finish] is hosting a spring challenge? i've participated in her holiday bootie buster challenge for the past two years and i am so happy that she's added a spring challenge! you get points for working out and eating your fruits and veggies, plus amanda has great forums and q and a's with various fitness experts. you should definitely check it out [ps - if you sign up you get a free pair of lock laces!].


  1. Yay for getting to do a half marathon this weekend and get your first medal of the year. I have to wait another month to get mine. Good luck!

  2. Good luck this weekend! I decided to skip the BBC this time. Giving myself a break from logging points:)

  3. Good luck this weekend!

  4. Yay! Hopefully I'll see you... hopefully I won't be crawling lol. Supposed to be MUCH nicer than your last time! I'm hoping they change up the medal a little bit. We should go out to lunch or something afterward :) email me rushing.dawn@gmail.com and we can make sure to get together!

  5. No way!!! My good friend Norah is running that Biltmore Marathon! It will be her first as well!

    I've run 7 marathons so I'll give you my advice, for what it's worth of course :)
    Ok, once you have gotten your 20 milers in, you've done all your heavy work. For me, after that last 20 miler, I took everything easier so as not to injure myself but to give me body time to feel fresh, to heal. You want to hit that starting line feeling like you can blast through a 5K and set a PR! You're gonna have a great race!