Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I was on the DL (disabled list) on Christmas

Brad and I (and Riley) exchanged stockings on Friday night since we planned to go to KY as soon as he got off work on Saturday.

We were able to go to Kentucky to be with my family so I was very excited! We got home around 830pm on Christmas Eve and the festivities began! We have opened presents on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. Then we do stockings on Christmas morning.

Everything was perfect until I woke up on Christmas morning. I couldn't move my head away from my left shoulder without a HORRIBLE pain. I was really sad to feel so crappy on Christmas, but I'm super glad that my parents were there to baby me. :)  This is what I looked like most of the day:

Obviously I didn't get to complete my scheduled workouts on Sunday or Monday. (It's mostly better today and I was able to workout pretty much normally.) We spent most of Christmas laying around watching TV and reading. I caught Brad snoozing with Toby (I'll explain the bandage on his thumb in my Colorado post):

 My parents got me these awesome penguin pajama pants (say that three times fast) and these super cute socks! They are both so so soft and I LOVE penguins.

It was really great to spend the holidays with family this year (the last two years we've been on our own in NC). I hope you all had a great Christmas!!

Did you get any pajamas? I got these penguin ones and another VS set.

Do your pets get excited for their stockings? I swear it's like Riley knows which one is his!


  1. No, I didn't get any pjs...and my poor mokey-love didn't get a stocking. Bad mama here!

  2. HAHAHA! Funny enough I did get pajama pants. Mine were light green with white polka dots. Sooo fuzzy and warm.

    Looks like Riley was lovin Christmas huh? :)

  3. I love your socks!!! I got some pjs right before Christmas but I wore them Christmas morning!

  4. I'm sorry you felt so bad during the holidays. Riley's stocking is exactly the same as Allan's. The dogs have smaller stockings but they know which gifts are theirs under the tree!

    Glad you guys were able to be in KY with family!

  5. I got PJ's too. My husband gets them for me almost every Christmas! This year they are pink & grey. I got Karma a new bed for Christmas. It is what she slept in the entire way to Florida. She used to get car sick but this time she just slept the entire way. Must be the bed!

    Hope you are feeling better! Merry Christmas!

  6. aww your dog is so sweet, funny that he knows which one is his, love it! We just bury presents for the dog unwrapped under the tree for Allie to find. This year she tore up here not suppose to tear stuffed animal in about 5 minutes. oh well!

    love your jammies and socks! I feel christmas isnt christmas without jammies!

  7. Oh my dog, Carly, was so excited to get her new toys! It's so cute, she's like my little kid lol