Monday, December 26, 2011

HBBC Week 5

I was really worried about this week because of all the traveling! Turns out, I skied my bootie off! The way I figured points for skiing = time on slope, minus any breaks, then divided that time by two to account for time on lifts. It gave me a lot of points but I really feel that I underestimated if anything. Especially considering the way I ski (AKA: the wrong way). My legs were TOAST.

Saturday:  5 miles run/walk, 40 minutes weights (legs and back), 20 minutes stretching, F&V (9 points)
Sunday:  1 hour elliptical, 2 mile walk, 3 mile bike, F&V (8 points)
Monday:  Ski 9-5, F&V, 10 minutes stretch (15.5 points)
Tuesday:  Ski 9-4 (no lunch), 10 minutes stretch (14.5 points)
Wednesday:  Ski 10-4:30, F&V (13 points)
Thursday:  2 mile walk/jog, 20 minutes stretching and foam rolling, F & V (4 points)
Friday: 1 hour elliptical, F&V (5 points)

Total:  69  points

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