Friday, December 2, 2011

HBBC Week 2

Saturday - not a darn thing
Sunday - ran/walked 4 miles, biked 6 miles (6 points)
Monday - biked 9 miles, stairclimber 20 minutes, elliptical 30 minutes (7 points)
Tuesday - ran 3 miles and biked 3 miles (4 points)
Wednesday - stairclimber 30 minutes (3 ponits)
Thursday - ran 1 mile, biked 6 miles (3 points)
Friday - ran 6 miles, stretched/foam rolled 20 minutes (7 points)

Total:  30 points

 I had some crappy runs this week... I'd start and feel horrible so I'd switch to the stairclimber or bike.

But this morning was just one of those AMAZING runs. When I started, I planned on doing 3.1 miles for Courtney's Hope Endures 5K. [Courtney - thanks for hosting and I know Ashlyn is smiling down on her amazing mother, today and always!]

I pounded them out and felt suprisingly good! So I figured, why not do four miles? Four turned into five, which turned into six!! I stopped at six only because I didn't want to end up pushing too far to fast. Runs like this are priceless. I started off slow at 5.0, then with each mile  I pumped up the speed a little (from sloth to say, turtle). I ran mile 5 at 6.0 which used to be unheard of. Then I ran mile 6 at 6.3-6.5.  Like I said, one of those priceless runs.

Running isn't easy and it takes a lot... but it gives back so much more!


  1. Love those kind of runs ;)! Great job!

  2. Amazing run! Those are priceless for sure!

  3. I had to laugh when I first starting reading this post. My latest blogging started with this...

    "After kind of a crappy start to the week (with almost every workout being a conversation with myself about how much I didn't feel like working out)"

    and included this...

    "I ended the week with the best run I've had in about 3 weeks!"

    No running isn't easy but when you get "that" feeling it is so worth it :)

  4. Awesome run! I love those unexpected successful workouts! The stairclimber is just as intense as running for me so I will often do that instead as well! It makes me sweat like a beast!

  5. Great run! It's so amazing to have those runs that you don't want to end!