Friday, September 2, 2011

Traveling and Day 1 in Maui

So we had to take 3 flights to get to Maui, but it was definitely worth it. It was pretty uneventful, but here are a few fun tidbits:

I saw this at the Asheville airport and got pumped!
(I didn't ask B-rad to take my pic with this, because he hates when I ask him to take pics for the blog it was early). I signed up for this 5K before we left, and get this... WE GET TO RUN ON THE RUNWAY AT THE AIRPORT! I'm pumped. Not at all like a four year old. I'm hoping I can break 30 minutes at this race. We'll see.

There was nothing evenful at Charlotte. Then all hell broke loose in Phoenix. We get off the plane and try to find our next gate. WTF THERE WERE NO SIGNS OR THE SCREEN THINGEES WITH THE DEPARTURES.  Who does that?! So we had to go outside (it's 42098 degrees in Phoenix BTW) then back in. Yes, through security again. Because that makes perfect sense.

What could make it all better?

Having a whole row on the plane to yourself! Perfect.

So we left around 8am NC time, and arrived at 6ish HI time (midnight our time). Not too bad by my husband had this horrible awesome plan. He wanted to go deep sea fishing and you have to get up super early to do it (I'm talking up at 130am early). He thought we should do it our first day, since we would still be on NC time (it'd be like getting up at 730am). Good idea in theory.

So we got up and found the boat. Die Hard at Lahaina Harbor.
This picture is from when we got back obviously. It was PITCH BLACK DARK when we got there.
We cruised out to sea for about 2 hours. And let me just explain this. I like to fish. A lot. But I do not like feeling stuck in the middle of nowhere and not being able to leave. Especially if I'm feeling sea sick. And that's exactly what happened.

I took some meclizine but apparently it didn't help. I started to feel like crap. But then we got to our first location, I got caught up in the moment, and felt better (or at least forgot that I felt bad). Brad caught the first fish, and I caught the second. Then out of nowhere, Brad gets sick (I felt so bad because he was the one who really wanted to fish). So I had to reel in the next two. And they were all ginormous mahi mahi. Talk about a workout. My arms were DEAD.

We moved to another location and started catching tuna. We each caught one big one, then several smaller. Then it was time to head back. And randomly I finally got sick. Super fun.

But it was neat that on the way back they put these flags up to show what we'd caught:
We got back to the dock and unloaded our catch (minus 1 mahi that our captain was chopping up for us):

All in all it was fun (while we were fishing, not while we were... well you know). Would I do it again? Probably not. But our captain was amazing. His name was Fuzzy and he was a baller. He cut up one mahi and one tuna for us, and gave us some recipes. We ate fresh fish for like the first 5 nights. SO GOOD.
 Brad with Captain Fuzzy:

PS - the only closed toed shoes I brought were my toms and my running shoes. I had a nightmare about a fish hook going right thru the toms so I had to wear my running shoes even though I don't like to wear them when I'm not running. (Stupid me, I know professional fisherwomen who wear their toms on the boat.)

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  1. ahhhh! that 5k sounds SO cool! and maui sounds amazing fun. i love fishing and those fish are HUGE!!!! whole plane rows to myself are the best plane rides :)

  2. Looks like fun. I love fresh tuna.

    Coming from the Fitness Friday Blog Hop.

  3. Looks like so much fun and beautiful weather! I can't remember ever having a whole row to myself on an airplane.

    Now I want to go to Hawaii :)

    Thanks for linking up this week.

  4. Uncle Fuzzy was my PE coach in Elementary school! hahaha!! Sorry you two got sick -- but nice catches!!