Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be Nice or Leave... Pharmacy Fun v.1

***Disclaimer:  This post is a rant. It has nothing to do with running. ***

It has to be a full moon. People are out of their ever loving minds.

Let me just tell you. At work, and in life, I am CHILL. I do not get mad, pushy, or sling attitude.  I NEVER considered stuff like this when I was studying my booty off for a million years.

Let me just give you an example:
  • On Sunday (of all days) a woman called me a stupid b*tch. Seriously? What could I have done to possibly deserve this? I wouldn't fill her pain medicine early. For reals.
I have NEVER. Nothing like getting verbally abused for 12 hours. And unfortunately it's not just the patients. Some (not all by any means) nurses like to berate us. For example, one tried to call in a narcotic over the phone today (FYI you can't do this. The patient has to bring in the actual prescription). I told him so (nicely) and he interrupts me and says, and I quote,

"Oh, some pharmacists are really helpful
and will do this to help the patient out."

Can I get a big eff you? I have this thing called a license. I worked really hard to get it and I have to have it to work. I'm young and I'd like to think my license and I have a long, happy future together. So quit asking me to do illegal shit that could cause me to lose it. And DO NOT try to make me feel like a bad person for being like this. I will help a patient in any way I can. LEGALLY. Geez.

End rant. :)


  1. Good for you for sticking to your ethical guns!

    I really admire that.

  2. I've got two besties that are in the pharm industry (not sure on their exact titles) but they have stories for DAYS! Similar rants, I'm sure. No matter what, stick to you ethical duties -- us professionals holding licenses get reprimanded 10-fold than those who don't -- AND -- there's no such thing as negligence when you hold a license. Love your honesty - rant anytime you want!

  3. One of my college rookies is a pharmacy and I've heard similar stories from her. Unfortunately crazies are everywhere! Rant whenever you need to!