Sunday, September 4, 2011

Running with a CamelBak... Episode 1

I pushed my long run back to today (I picked up a 12 hour shift yesterday = I didn't have to use as many vacation hours = there's no way I'm running after a 12 hour shift).

I planned (isn't that always how it starts) to get up around 8 and get the run finished early. I ended up leaving the house around 1130. I was worried about the heat, but knew that I wanted to run outside because I'm worried all the treadmill miles won't translate when it comes to the race. So I loaded up this guy and headed out:
Have you ever ran with one of these bad boys on your back? Yeah, it was interesting to say the least. I got a decent start, but faded QUICKLY (and this was the only thing I did quickly).

Things that probably weren't helping me out any:  the heat, the trail i chose (hella hills), the bag of water sloshing around on my back), i forgot my iPod, and my crappy attitude. I don't know why but from the first moment I decide to stop and walk for a bit, my attitude turns to, well you didn't really run 9 miles. Completely negative and defeatist. And annoying. Do you ever annoy yourself?

Here's what I was working with:

 I am proud that I completed 9 miles (my training called for 8, but I'm bumping it up because I've ran 8 twice already and I want to do 10 next week for my last LR) but I'd be lying if I said I was happy with it.

I was too tired to do math at this point and spent about an hour thinking this was actually my pace. Then I plugged into daily mile and felt a little better. Just a little.

My 'I'm pissed and these straps are chaffing my arms' look. My CamelBak doesn't sit too well on me. Apparently I'm not supposed to have boobs.

But it did allow me to carry my fuel (I had like 4 or 5 sharkies at halfway point) and my iPhone. So you all actually have pictures to look at instead of my rambling.


  1. You should still be proud. Even with all those "negative" things you stuck to it and finished. I haven't done any long runs because I know I need water with me but I don't think I want to hold a bottle. I need to look into a pack of some kind - not sure if it will be the camelbak. Best of luck on your next run!

  2. seriously girl. it looks like that trail was SO TOUGH! and you did put in the time and ran 9 miles! you should definitely feel good about that!

  3. Wow great run, and you stuck with it! I haven't tried the camel back, but I do need some body glide since once arm was chaffed really bad after my last run, as well as my one ankle -opposite side (go figure) - but we get back out there and do it again!

  4. Great run, don't be too hard on yourself we all have bad days :) i am now following you :)