Saturday, September 24, 2011

GIVEAWAY WINNER... and I love Google

I've been blogging for about four months and I have learned so much since then. Not only have I made some amazing friends but I've learned how to do a lot of crap on the computer. A social butterfly and computer geek simultaneously!

For example, tonight I wanted to use the random number generator to draw for my giveaway. I knew there was a way to put the screen shot on here, but had no idea how... I googled how to take a screenshot and I find this gem. Winner winner chicken dinner.

So enough of that nonsense. The winner of my first giveaway is... (get ready for all the snips!!)
Comment #8 which was...

Coy from First in Philly! I found Coy's blog when I first started this whole process and I was immediately hooked. I can't wait until I head back to KY for a race, so maybe we can meet up! Coy email me your info and I'll send this box of fuel your way!

Thanks everyone for participating, I was blown away!


  1. yeahhhh! CONGRATS COY! she is awesome!

  2. Its amazing what the blog world can do for you! : ) Congrats to Coy!

  3. HOLY COW!! I won!!! YEAH!!!! I'm so excited!! I just met Julia up above about two weeks ago! Can't wait to meet you!! We'll run together for sure! I'll email you first thing in the morning with my info! And thank you ahead of time for the goodies! They're much appreciated!