Friday, May 20, 2011

US Airways is Not My Fav

So what am I up to this morning? Oh you know, just getting up at 5am, busting my tail to get the AVL Airport only to find out that our flight has been cancelled. Fan-freaking-tastic! We got pushed to a later flight, so we've got about 4 hours to kill. I'm blogging and B-rad is doing what he does best when we fly... Teasing me for buying US Weekly then shamelessly reading it cover to cover. Love him.

I'm aggravated that I'm awake, and that we're missing about 4 hours in our destination... but I'm sure God has a reason for it. Also, AVL doesn't have a Starbucks. That kinda stinks. So I got a generic cinnamon latte (that cost just as much as Starbucks btw) and some reading material.

I found this package of awesomeness in the shop and it reminded me of one of my favorite movies:
Anyone? I guess someone would actually have to be reading this blog to guess. Technically.  Well, we're off to kill more time until the bar opens before our flight.
Surely it's socially acceptable to have some margaritas  one mimosa or something?

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