Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And, I'm back!

So as soon as I hit publish on the last post we did, in fact, open the bar. Most people think it's cool to close down the bar. We all know that the most bored while stuck in airport coolest people open it.
I greeted the bartender with a "Can I drink yet?" and we all became fast friends. A few hours later we actually boarded our flight and made our way to our destination...
NYC! I've been threatening to drag patiently waiting for B-rad to go on this trip. He's never been and wasn't that interested. But after a lot of begging he agreed. I won't bore you with the whole trip, but it was SO fun. Friday we shopped around, saw some sights, and went to FAO Schwartz (I'm a Harry Potter geek, by the way). This is Professor McGonnagall's hat.

Later we had amazing mexican at Rosa Mexicano. The best guacamole I've ever had, and they make it fresh at your table. LOVE.
The pomengrante margaritas were also great. They were small and expensive, but packed a punch!

Saturday I got up and went on a long run/walk/jog in Central Park. Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Sunday I talked B-rad into joining so i got to take some pics.
Me with Alice: 

Saturday we ate lunch at this place:
I had an egg and cheese sandwich (meaty menu, but what do you expect at a deli?). Brad had this GARGANTUAN sandwich. No really, that's what it's called.
It easily had two more layers that I cut out with my shotty photography! We went to Ground Zero (pics are on my real camera) and then went to see...

It was sooooo good! Rafiki and the bird were the best parts, although Timon and Pumbaa were pretty funny too. All the costumes and sets were so great. It was really cool to see how they brought all the animals to life. Plus they did a lot of stuff in the aisles. These are our, we're going to see the lion king faces:
 Creepy? Yes. Roaring? Probably not.
Pouting to get him to smile. Nice.

So anyways, now we're back and worn out. The upstairs AC is broken. But on the bright side I did score two $100 credits with US Airways.

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