Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where did June go?

So today is the last day of June, I didn't get the memo... One whole glorious month of summer gone. At the beginning of the month I talked about my goals for the month. This was my first time setting monthly goals, so let's see how I did.

1. Log at least 60 miles this month. Walking or running. I logged 41 miles on daily mile, plus I'm doing 4 tonight. So let's just say 45. I didn't do a great job logging the miles, but I'm happy that I did this well. Next month I'll pick a new miles goal and have a tag-along goal of logging them all. Like they taught us in school, if you didn't document it, it didn't happen! 

2. Finish reading the new rules of lifting for women, and figure out a plan to realisticly get it going. This was an epic fail on my part. I cracked the book and made it halfway through the intro. And that is all. Not only did I not read it, I got a fat overdue book fine from the library. Nice.

3. Track my weight watchers points. Have a solid month of losses. (that's technically two i guess). Well this one is a little a lot embarrasing. It probably warrants its own post but that would be even more embarrasing. My first three weeks were golden. Slowly but surely I quit tracking. At my fourth weigh in I should have been on track to hit my 5% goal. And I gained 3.2 pounds. That was the total of my losses in week 2 and 3. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. As you might imagine, this sent me into major depressive mode. So what did I do? I ate all day and thought, get it out of your system, tomorrow is go time. Then I repeated that for 6 days. Which brings me to today, I'm supposed to weigh in. NOT HAPPENING. But I am getting my life in order, throwing all the excuses out, and 'starting over'. I will weigh in next week. Come good week or bad week. And I will not let the number on the scale dominate me like it has over the past week. Done and done.

4. Wash my face before and after I run. I'm really good about the after, not so much the before. I've done really well with this goal. I even visited the Clinque counter last week and got set up with a new skin care regimen that I'll give the deets on in a later post.

5. Plan my half marathon attack and get it started. This is a win for me too. You can follow my training for the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon here. I'm two runs in, with a third tonight.

I'm a list maker, and this goal setting for the month was really good for me. If you know me in real life you've definitely heard me say, "If I don't write it down, it will not happen." That's usually me alluding to my superior ability to forget anything and everything, but it also has to do with me being me. It helps me so much to write things down then be able to check them off and feel accomplished.  Emily pointed out that today is the halfway point for 2011. She used it to evaluate her yearly goals and see where she sized up (that chick is amazing). I think I'm going to post July goals as planned, but also some goals to complete by the end of twently eleven.

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