Tuesday, June 7, 2011

can you ever just be whelmed?

please tell me you know what i'm talking about.

today i'm whelmed. actually i have been for the past week. i've worked way more than i should have and i've got too much on my plate. for instance:
  1. work is a mess right now. i'm working too many hours and have no time for myself.
  2. i never just have a day off. i always have something else going on.
  3. i need to make a half marathon training schedule.
  4. i need to execute the training schedule.
  5. i need to plan our vacation (which is and will be fun, i just have no time).
  6. i need to work on my photography course (self-paced -- my self pace is slower than my running pace)
  7. i need to work on this blog.
  8. i need to clean this house
  9. i need to plant my vegetable garden.
  10. i need to read my Bible more.
  11. i want to read more books for fun.
  12. i want to plan a long weekend trip to a beach.
i think that's it. sorry for the boring post, but i think sometimes it helps to just type it all out. or hug it out. whatever.

anyone have any tips on how to get my life in order? my other problem is i'm constantly trying new ways to keep my life in order so at any given time i have three diferent calendars that i need to consult for my schedule. none of which are complete because i don't have time to fill them all out/consolidate.

i need to get it together.

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