Thursday, June 2, 2011

can't put down the jif long enough to blog

i've got one hand going back and forth between the PB and my mouth so i'm typing with one hand. so talented that girl.

i weighed in at WW today, and guess what? i'm down 5 lbs!!! boom! (and if i don't quit eating the jif this will slowly quickly be more like +2. must stop.

ok i quit. the lid is on! i just back from a quick 5K trail with my buddies. i'll do yoga tomorrow then race on saturday. i've got some good posts coming, i just have no time to sit my booty down and type them out. i've already worked 60 hours since saturday and i've got another twelve coming tomorrow. yuck. i'm so buying something awesome the extra money. take that dave ramsey!

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