Sunday, July 3, 2011

Awesome Saturday

Yesterday was one of those great days. My boys and I slept in and while they hung out I headed out to get my 4 miler in. I knew that if I slept in I'd have to run in the heat, but it was worth it and I needed the rest. I got to the trailhead around 1030am and it was BUSY.
I love this trail, it's super flat and fast. It's also fairly shaded, which helped me not die with the heat. I did four miles at a 11:34 pace. Don't be jealous of my lightening fast speeds, I know, I'm awesome. And my post run red face perfectly accentuates my Cullen-like paleness. Yuck.

I came home to pick up the hubs so we could go run around. After waiting on him for 45 minutes I went and hollered at him politely asked what was taking so long. He replied... wait for it... "I was waiting on you to shower." Ouch. Well I had news for him, it was H-O-T oustide and I didn't want to have to shower again after we went running around (I prefer to minimize the number of showers and I have to take in a day. Honestly it's more the hairdrying that I don't enjoy, but anyways). So I talked him into hanging out with the stinky but just as cute version of myself. Lucky guy.

First stop was the new Neo Burrito that just opened at Biltmore Park. 

I have had Neo at their other Asheville location, and B-rad hadn't tried them before. They're very green and their food is great. We walked in to check out the menu and were UNpleasantly surprised.

 The menu's were on these three TV's... That changed CONSTANTLY... and weren't on any sort of repetitive cycle. We both picked out salads, but Brad wanted to add a fish taco. Too bad the taco menu wouldn't pop back up, So he skipped it.

We both ordered BBQ chicken salads (I got mine with tempah). The employees were very friendly, but you could tell everyone was still learning. We ordered the same salad but ended up with different stuff. We got seated and I poured my ranch all over my salad. I took my first bite and knew something was way wrong. Apparently the guy making my salad grabbed the wasabi ranch instead of regular (the salad comes with regular ranch, I get it everytime I go to the other Neo). And here's a fun fact about me... I do NOT like wasabi (or pickles, or olives, or mustard). Another fun fact, I don't like to send food back or complain (usually). So I tried to stomach thru it by masking it with queso (the chips and queso were awesome!). Then my stomach started turning and I was done. B-rad loved his salad (just like I usually do). And he ate a lot of mine too (he loves spicy stuff).

I loved how green the restaurant was (the other Neo is also). It was very 'Asheville'. They had plants hanging all over the place.

They also had this crazy contraption that I'm not 100% sure exactly what it was.

It rotated every so often, and you can tell they're growing herbs in there. Very cool. They were also growing herbs on their patio area. So simple and unique, a great idea.
I'm sure we'll eat here pretty often. I'll just be sure about the dressing before I dump it all over my whole salad. And I really hope they fix the menu situation. We weren't the only ones confused by it, so I'd say it'll get fixed eventually.

Next we went to REI because Brad wanted some hiking shoes. He tried some on but they didn't have his size. (We found them later at Diamond Brand in Kentucky Blue!)

The only thing I really, really wanted to do yesterday was go to Ya Ya's frozen yogurt that also just opened. B-rad likes to act like he has no interest in such trivial, dessert related places, but I made him go he humored me because he likes me a little bit. They had a seasonal strawberry lemonade sorbet that I sampled and decided to get (so not typical for me). I added fresh strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels and my hubs (who acts like he has no interest) requests sour worms. He proceeded to eat half of my froyo. It's a good thing I like him sometimes too.

I'm still way new to blogging and blanked on taking pics of the place and my yogurt. But it was delish and I loved every bite (except for all the ones Brad ate). Yogurt stealer.

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