Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Things Friday

1.  I lost 2.4 lbs this week! I weighed in today and it was such a great feeling! I was afraid that I would gain or have a crappy week because I lost so much last week, but another good week!

2. I'm running a 5K tomorrow at my church, Biltmore Baptist. It's called the VBS Hero Run and all the proceeds (if you want a shirt it's extra) are going to a children's orphanage in Haiti. I'm not sure how great the race will be, but it really feels great to know the money is actually going to something worthwhile.

3. I got these in the mail today:
These are so freaking comfortable! Are they the cutest shoes ever? No. But I love what they stand for and and they are so comfortable.

4. B-rad and I saw the new XMen movie the other day. I haven't seen any of the previous ones, but I really wanted to see this one for some reason. Some reason being:

I love some James McAvoy. And Jennifer Lawrence was great in Winter's Bone and she's set to play Katniss in the Hunger Games. Plus, by no means is she not skinny, but I'm loving that she isn't a stick figure. I thought it was a great movie.
Ah, James McAvoy.

5. I signed up for another 5K yesterday. The 32nd annual Bele Chere 5K at the end of July. Bele Chere is a street festival held in downtown Asheville. I've been both years since we moved here, and B-rad has had to work both times. This year we're both off and I'm looking forward to him getting to experience it. There is great artwork, jewelry, shopping, and that amazing atmosphere that Asheville is known for. There are all kinds of live bands, food, and you can even have open containers. I figure if I'm going to eat my weight in funnel cakes, sno-cones, and liquid calories, I can at least run a little 5K.

Who are your favorite actors?
Running any races this weekend?

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