Tuesday, September 9, 2014

what would you do?

okay i need to vent about something and i need your all's advice. here's the situation:

so i'm back at work and i'm pumping at work so that i can continue giving E breast milk. no big deal, plenty of people do it. there are even laws in place that protect a woman's right to do this. my job (i should say, my profession, not my actual job) makes it a little difficult in that i can't know if the phone is going to ring for me, or if a patient is going to need counseled, or if a prescription is going to need checked. i just have to go when i need to go and take it as it comes.

first thing--- the place where i pump. the only room in the pharmacy with a door is the bathroom. ummm, no. and this is not me being a diva. the bathroom is our bottle storage area (cramped), there's only one place to sit (toilet), and it's the only bathroom (so me taking it up for 25 minutes isn't feasible). not to mention it's just plain gross. so i go into the back room (there's one girl that works back there) into a little corner and cover myself and pump. a little awkward but not really a big deal.

80% of the time i'm at work i have a second pharmacist with me so this is no problem. they can pick up my slack (which i appreciate so, so much that they do this without question) and i go to my corner and pump.

it's the other 20% of the time when it's a little more difficult. for instance, on saturdays i work with a technician and a cashier. so when i go to the back to pump they're flying solo and and have to come back and ask me questions, or have me check prescriptions, or answer the phones. also no big deal, but to be where i can answer the phones i have to sit in the middle of that back room vs. the corner which offers a little coverage.

so saturday was basically a perfect recipe for the shit storm that ensued. i had just gone back to pump when our driver showed up for the day (the only male who would be in the pharmacy all day). he's a bit of a know it all and does not like taking instruction from others (especially females, especially females that are younger than him, or females that seem aloof). both of the girls up front tell him not to go into the back room that i'm back there and need some privacy. what does he do?? literally walks straight into the back room.

i turn my back to him because i'm not covered yet, and ask did he not hear them tell him to stay out? he just stands there so then i yell at him to GET OUT! he still stands there another beat, then says, "Okaaaaaay." This was not an "oh crap i'm sorry" okay, it was said like okay if i have to. I'm not implying anything, but this is how it was said.

When I finished he was already gone and I haven't been back to work since. So my question is what, if anything, would you do? Confront him? Tell the boss? Do nothing?

I've tried to put it out of my mind but it really just burns me up that because he's such a know it all and thinks he doesn't have to listen to anyone, my privacy got invaded. Am I overreacting?


  1. Bless your heart! How frustrating! He sounds like an insensitive creep! That's why the laws are in place. I would talk to the boss. Good luck!