Saturday, September 20, 2014

seasons of life

isn't it funny how things change? as a runner i used to be so proud of myself when i'd think about my saturday mornings. i was usually up and had a double digit mile run under my belt before most people were out of bed, and i took pride in that. but maybe i should have just realized that some people have lives that are a little more demanding than mine were at that time. 

for instance, i'm calling this saturday morning a win. i've fed and changed the baby twice, fed myself breakfast, pumped three times, and showered. there was a moment when i thought about dragging myself to pure barre, but then my comfy bed called my name... and i'm okay with that right now. 

one thing that everly has taught me (among 1000 things) is to enjoy the moment. she's growing so fast and i'm trying really hard to tell myself that the dishes can wait, that dog hair won't kill us, it won't kill me if i don't go to pure barre 5 times a week, it'll all be alright. because honestly when it comes down to it, i'd rather get my exercise being outside in this beautiful fall weather pushing my sweet baby girl in her stroller. because she's not always going to enjoy that as much as she does right now, but while she does i'm going to soak it up!

hope you all have an amazing weekend!

first trip to the farmers market 9.19.14

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  1. I think my comment got eaten! Anytime you choose to be with that sweet baby is a win!