Friday, September 19, 2014

everly 2 months

two pictures for two months...

i'm pretty sure i'm a mean momma for thinking the second one is hilarious. i can't even begin to tell you how much joy this little girl has brought into so many lives. we are so grateful to God for blessing us with her!

so big things during her second month of life:

  • she's becoming way more chatty. she'll babble on and on and i swear sometimes you'd think she was carrying on a conversation! especially in the evening when we ask her to tell us about her day ;)
  • she likes to be faced out to the world so she can look around, especially when she's outside.
  • she has really great head control for her age and has really strong legs. When she's in the bathtub she loves to kick her ducks (temperature control rubber ducks that we put in the bath with her) and splash! she also loves to 'go for walks' on her changing table. we ask her where she's running to, and say different places and she just kicks those legs!
  • she loves to be read to
  • has slept through the night twice
  • very smiley girl, especially first thing in the morning after she's stretched!
  • she made her second trip to kentucky where she got to meet her other great grandpa
  • loves stroller rides
  • moved to a new house

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  1. That second picture made me chuckle. You're not a mean momma at all. Enjoy every minute with your wee one because she won't be wee for long. Xo