Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what i'm loving wednesday

OMG yum. Although I bought fresh shrimp and had to peel and devein them... I don't know if I'll ever get the smell out of my nose. And the sauce that you put on them?!? I've been using it as salad dressing. So good. 

Carnival squash that I found at the farmers market. So pretty!

this multi-surface cleaner from the honest company. (although don't get it from amazon, holy crap i just saw the price! i got mine on sale last week at target!). this is my first honest company purchase and i LOVE it. powerful mist spray, great smell, and cleans well. i keep cleaning all the counters and tables because i love it so! (i'm not OCD at

can't.stop.watching. we started a netflix binge (well, as much of a netflix binge that two new parents with full time jobs can manage) and it is soooo good!

so what are you loving right now??


  1. Cooler temps & no humidity!

    That looks so yummy! I haven't seen that cleaner before - is it animal free testing too?

  2. I started blogging again...kinda but I thought I would pop over and say hi! I get to see most of your photos on the Instagram but there's more stuff here. I love nice smelling cleaning spray so I'm gonna grab a bottle the next time I go to Target :)