Wednesday, August 20, 2014

everly 1 month

i cannot believe this sweet little girl has been with us for 1 month already (edited to add, almost 2 before i'm actually posting this!). i truly could not have been less prepared for how much she would change my life. everyone says this and i never understood. i knew things in my day to day life would change, and i knew i'd love her but i had not idea how much. enough about me, let's talk about her!

she LOVES bath time. she just smiles when you put her in and cries when you take her out. 
she LOVES to snuggle and being swaddled. i haven't tried to put her to bed at night without swaddling. 
the front porch swing is her favorite place in the world (which stinks because we're moving). anytime she's unconsolable we go out to the porch and rock and it calms her right down. 
she made her first trip to kentucky. 
she got to meet two of her great grandparents and she has put new light in their lives. they've even figured out how to view pictures on their phone so they can see her more!
she loves her uncle matt and is so content when he holds her (most of the time!).
daddy loves her crab outfit the best. 
she's had three "sleepovers" with mimi (mommy got to sleep!). 

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