Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week In Review

As I mentioned to y'all, the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge has officially begun and part of my participation involves sharing my workouts publicly and that means y'all get to read all the boring details [please feel free to skip right over it, i won't be mad atcha!].

but i will also smush in my marathon training weekly recaps to kill two proverbial birds...

monday::::  lifted shoulders and did a RUSH yoga class
tuesday::::  3 mile training run, 20 minutes stretch/yoga
wednesday::::  4 mile training run, lifted bis/tris/abs
thursday::::  5k turkey trot (with b-rad), yoga (plus cooking/cleaning points!)
friday::::  lifted shoulders/chest
saturday::::  9 mile training run, 20 minutes stretch/yoga
sunday::: 1 mile walk, yoga, WOW*

*the WOW stands for workout of the week that amanda posts to her YouTube channel. such a great way to learn new exercises to incorporate into your routine.

week 4 of marathon training::::  
i completed all my runs as planned. i was supposed to run 3 miles on thanksgiving and i ran raced a 5K. not the smartest (and keep in mind, me "racing" is still slow) but i selfishly wanted a new PR. i definitely paid for it and had to ice and foam roll like crazy.

i've been doing most of my training runs on the treadmill [with my eyes glued to gossip girl on the iPad] but i've kept the incline at 1. what do you all think about that?

here are some pics from the week (minus my turkey trot pics which i'll share in a separate post)::::
this was on the doorstep on monday, and i didn't order it. either i've gotten b-rad addicted to lulu  or he's been doing some Christmas shopping!

gossip girl on the treadmill, mismatched yurbuds, blox BCAAs, mizuno wave riders on the treadmill

after shoulder day

thanksgiving at our house!

me and my little brother

the fam at wild wing cafe on sunday after church

me and my beautiful momma

have you signed up for the Sock Swap??? 


  1. great first week!! your family pix are great. when is your marathon?

  2. I'm so glad you had a great first week of HBBC! I can't wait to find out what was in that lulu package :)

  3. Great job on the first week of HBBC! Ohh, I wonder what was in that lulu package? I tried to hint that lulu would be a great Christmas present to my husband last year but that did not work out. Maybe this year? :)

  4. You rock! You seriously look amazing too! Woohoo! Nice work getting your HBBC points in. I better step up my game:) its on!

  5. Fabulous week Courtney! I recognized the package immediately! Did you get to open it? I am seriously wanting a treadmill! Can't wait for the sock swap fun!

  6. Great job on nailing every one of your runs! Treadmill or outside you are getting it done!

  7. Lucky!!! I want a Lulu package delivered to my house :)

    Your shoulders look amazing!!

    1. thanks girl, they're starting to come in a little!

  8. Hey no worries about the virtual 5K. At least you did it, but sorry it made ya owie! I'm jealous and impressed with your marathon training - good luck with that:)

  9. Have to love packages on your door step. Someone at my house had an Oiselle package in the mailbox and it wasn't me, someone must be checking out my Pinterest Wish List.... yay! Can't wait to hear what's in your package! Great week...WTG!

    1. ooh i love oiselle but have never tried it on so i'm scared to order!

  10. Awesome line up for the week you got there! Two thumbs up! It just gives me the idea to do the same thing for next week if you don’t mind… XOXO:D Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nice job with the training! I would love to see a lulu package I didn't order show up on my doorstep, my husband freaks about the prices though.

  12. great training week and you are looking great!!

  13. Love the family pictures and you look AMAZING in the picture from the shoulders day. All your hard work in the gym shows! I think you and my best friend may have the same china pattern. Which one do you have?