Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Exchanges Round Up

I don't know about you all but I'm getting really excited about all of the exchanges that are going around the blog world right now! I'm posting all the ones I know about and please let me know if you know of more!

Julie at ROJ Running is having an ornament exchange! Who doesn't love a new ornament (especially people like me who have mostly generic ornaments because a certain chocolate lab knocked the tree over two years ago and smashed them all!)?

Zaneta at Runner's Luck is having a Christmas card swap!

Kim at [Just] Trying is For Little Girls is also having a Christmas card swap!

And I'm hosting the sock swap!

Any others that I need to add?


  1. Thanks for advertising my card swap!! So much fun! :) I can't believe this is the 3rd year already!! Thanks for joining in!! :)

  2. What fun! Last year I joined too many exchanges and it started to feel too much like work. Although it's a struggle to not sign up for many, this year I'm joining only 1, the sock exchange :)

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these! There are some good ones this year.

  4. Hey - great list. Lots of fun going on again this year!